I am planning to buy Floor in BPTP's Astaire garden project. Project is located in sector 70a of gurgaon. Does anyone know about this builder and this project. Will it be good investment for next 5-6 yrs. Please provide your comments/thoughts.

I also heard UNitech launching floors in sec 70. Looks like floors are in demand.
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  • Originally Posted by astairgarden

    It's a really a terrible situation. I have paid 90% of the money 3 years ago but no news after 5 years of booking. Is there whatsapp group we can join to gather forces?

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  • Originally Posted by Kunalkjain

    Yes there is a whats app group. You can send me a friends request on this and i can give you my number on personal message.

    Kindly join our whats app group. Cant write my number here as the admin of IREF deletes it every time.

    I sent you a Personal Message with my Number please add me into the Whats app Group.
  • I am looking for floor in this project. Can someone tell me please by when we can expect it to complete?
  • Sir want to join your group WhatsApp. I Got possession letter from bptp for more money

    • Agam Saroop1 months ago
      Hi I would also like to join this whats app group.how can i contact. The comments above says not to post my number here. I was asked to make a payment by BPTP for offer of possession on a Block E flat in the Monet floors in Astaire Gardens.