I have been looking to invest in a 2-3 Bhk since a couple of months now and more or less zero-ing on ireo sector 67a project ( although uptown, palm studio and victory valley are still on my radar) ... I request all knowledgable members ( especially the seniors and brokers in disguise of members) to comment upon the pros and cons of the project.

Also, I'd request other members planning to go for the project to get in touch with me, so that, we can look for a deal as a group rather than as multiple single parties .

As a start to the thread, let me list out a few pros and cons.


- New launch. Very little upfront payment.
- Specifications, better than basic, which are becoming a hallmark of ireo.
- location ( as per first information) looks to be good. Behind sector 67 or say
behind victory valley and PVSN
- other projects of the builder getting handsome appreciation and excellent
speed of all projects as of now ( cash crunch doesn't seem to be affecting the
So called FDI funded , politically funded as per grapevine, builder at all.


- yet undemarcated sector. Not in master plan 2021.
- builder, although very promising, hasn't delivered anything as yet
- specifications will be more along the lines of uptown ( which is available in
resale at 4800-4900 levels and has better location) and not very luxurious
Like grand arch,victory valley or skyon.
- although pricing is very speculative as of now but if it ends up 5k or more
Will be a disappointment ( like unitech south park).

I hope to hear from the other guys soon ....

MODERATOR's NOTE - This thread was started about 18 months back, when this project was rumored to be getting launched . Due to delay in the launch this thread went into hibernation for some time and it is now alive . Newbies/First time users, please note & do not get misguided by the last year's launch price that stands mentioned . A duplicate thread { which stands closed now } has some updated information . Refer .
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  • If you dont pay its 20% fine on outstanding amount & this they will recover at resale time . Taken a bank loan ...... atlast when its inevitable then be
  • They have raised demand till 62.5% for C5 atleast, have paid 55% till now. Even with HL, it is going to be very difficult carrying this forward. Anyone has any news of any resale happening in this project at all ?
  • Some one please click a long video of the project please !

    Good or worse , now we all would be only saved ....when this project is completed & handed over to Buyers till then we are their mercy & they also know it .

    I am sure Ireo Management also checks this forum .
  • Another blow to the investors against the Fight against Ireo's Malpractice ..but the fight must go on

    Competition Comm rejects complaint against Ireo Grace Realtech
    Press Trust of India | New Delhi
    August 31, 2015 Last Updated at 18:28 IST


    The Competition Commission has rejected a complaint alleging unfair business practices by Ireo Grace Realtech in a matter related to sale of residential apartments.

    It was alleged that the company indulged in anti-competitive business practices by increasing the basic sale price for a residential apartment in Gurgaon, Haryana.

    After finding that there was no prima-facie evidence of violation of competition norms, the watchdog decided to reject the complaint.

    It was also alleged that the company did not repay the booking amount even after the complainant decided to cancel the provisional allotment.

    As per the complaint, the company had earlier assured that Basic Sale Price (BSP) of the flat would be Rs 15 lakh but later demanded more than Rs 18 lakh.

    The Competition Commission of India (CCI) considered "provision of services for development and sale of residential apartments in Gurgaon" as the relevant market for the case.

    According to the regulator, there are many other bigger and established players in the relevant market of residential apartments in Gurgaon including DLF Homes, Emaar MGF and BPTP.

    Further, the residential apartments being developed by other major players are substitutable and provide multiple options for the consumers in the relevant market, it added.

    Thus, "prima facie, opposite party (Ireo Grace Realtech) does not appear to be in a dominant position in the relevant market," CCI said in an order dated August 25.
  • Anybody contacted IREO Regarding Surrendering of unit in CORRIDORS, in this case how much they will deduct ??
  • Refund from Corridor

    I have paid 30% amount till date. 2 installment are overdue.

    I have not yet signed the builder buyer agreement. I signed only the application 8750 PDFs. Later on they increased the price to 9400.

    I requested them to cancel my allotment. They responded that if I surrender that will deduct 20% plus interest plus dealer commission etc.

    Can some one guide the way forward.

    Can there be a legal case to stop them deducting 20% since I have not signed the BB agreement.

    I appreciate help and guidance by the veteran members.
  • what do you think in how many years the market price will come to our buying cost of @9200 psf ?
  • Any insights on resale in this project?
  • 3-4 Years !!
  • can you ask them to shift you to some other project of theirs?
  • Construction Update & Project Progress Photos - Ireo The Corridors

    most towers structures completed!!
    does that mean most buyers have paid 95% of total cost?
  • Any update / option of shifting to any other project??
  • Is this group still live???
  • could anybody resale either in profit or loss ? whats the going rate officially? somebody pl update
  • Is any update on resale happening in Corridor. Please respond.