I have been looking to invest in a 2-3 Bhk since a couple of months now and more or less zero-ing on ireo sector 67a project ( although uptown, palm studio and victory valley are still on my radar) ... I request all knowledgable members ( especially the seniors and brokers in disguise of members) to comment upon the pros and cons of the project.

Also, I'd request other members planning to go for the project to get in touch with me, so that, we can look for a deal as a group rather than as multiple single parties .

As a start to the thread, let me list out a few pros and cons.


- New launch. Very little upfront payment.
- Specifications, better than basic, which are becoming a hallmark of ireo.
- location ( as per first information) looks to be good. Behind sector 67 or say
behind victory valley and PVSN
- other projects of the builder getting handsome appreciation and excellent
speed of all projects as of now ( cash crunch doesn't seem to be affecting the
So called FDI funded , politically funded as per grapevine, builder at all.


- yet undemarcated sector. Not in master plan 2021.
- builder, although very promising, hasn't delivered anything as yet
- specifications will be more along the lines of uptown ( which is available in
resale at 4800-4900 levels and has better location) and not very luxurious
Like grand arch,victory valley or skyon.
- although pricing is very speculative as of now but if it ends up 5k or more
Will be a disappointment ( like unitech south park).

I hope to hear from the other guys soon ....

MODERATOR's NOTE - This thread was started about 18 months back, when this project was rumored to be getting launched . Due to delay in the launch this thread went into hibernation for some time and it is now alive . Newbies/First time users, please note & do not get misguided by the last year's launch price that stands mentioned . A duplicate thread { which stands closed now } has some updated information . Refer .
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  • Originally Posted by Sagar cool
    My cheque came to bank yesterday and I have made stop payment. I was getting it at 8750 wid unit confirmed. So sold out ! Definitely a no. I know many people who jumped out at last moment as there is nothing left for investors . Units are available at 8750.

    Units are left at the rate one booked before one's cheque hit the bank...
    And one says 'nothing left for investors'...
    Well!!! Who's the investor here...
    This is classical... To become eligible to the title 'investor' without payment...

    In this scenario the only person who invested something is the broker...
    And now the statement fits: nothing left for the investor... :)
  • The world is a great place to live in... :p

    Here I am, betting my intellect in recommending this project @9400...
    Here also I am; not able to close at old rate... :(

    I'm reminded of what I was taught in IIM A; business is marketing, marketing and marketing only...

    If I were a PE investor of Ireo, I'd ask management to consider firing the channel sales RM team...

    ps. No PMs please, the post is a marketing pitch, but not for bookings in this project.

    pps. The bigger question is how do the investors think, what guides their decision making process... This is the big thought I wish to explore in the small context of this thread... (Content without context is a contradiction and by the nature of existence, contradictions can not exist)

    ppps. I am motivated by John Galt's famous statement: 'I will put an end to this, once and for all; I will stop the motor of the world'. I disagree with the latter part of the statement; I think someone has to turbocharge the motor of this world...
  • Guys here are really careful of liking posts... :) to the extent of really holding their horses... :p

    I expected a small little cute press on the like button, and what I get is loads of pm's... :(
  • Hello everybody,

    Got calls from two brokers today confirming that 3BHK units with some 1800 area are still available for booking at first rate of 8750 provided cheques are given today.

    Ultima still available at first price of 7500!!!!!

    Whats happening????

    Sad state of affairs Gurgaon RE has entered into. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for these super intelligent Builders to get some real wisdom and act realistically.


  • Thanks kams..

    Drinks are on me if we meet... :)
  • Originally Posted by Lazybell
    Thanks kams..

    Drinks are on me if we meet... :)

    you really deserve it sir..
  • Life is beautiful when one is member of a 'mutual liking club'... That's the most exclusive club... :)
  • Originally Posted by Lazybell
    Guys here are really careful of liking posts... :) to the extent of really holding their horses... :p

    I expected a small little cute press on the like button, and what I get is loads of pm's... :(

    members prefer to use 'like' button on merit basis..maybe that could be one reason for getting low likes!
  • Some people replied that they have got confirmation of unit. I wanted to know how they got confirmation, it is through email, letter or verbal?
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  • So the official price is 9400/-
  • is this a IREO official mailer ??
    of what i heard they have not shared any printed material yet and 9400 is the "soft launch " price. The launch price is likely to be 10000 +...

    Originally Posted by amit001
    So the official price is 9400/-

    In my case, Broker confirmed the unit # about 2 weeks ago but no official confirmation from Ireo yet. Check is banked. The rate was 8750

    I hear the rate will be 10250 next week
  • Anybody else got official confirmation from Ireo for their unit? If no official confirmation when this project is going to be launch officially.
  • I talked to IREO sales rep and asked them when would you launch this...and she said in 2 months. Then I asked her if I buy at 8750 would you take the 45 day payment before the launch or post...She said that is not linked to construction...

    I asked her whats the launch price...she quickly said around 10700..I was shocked..and said what? She quickly said..."Sorry I do not have any info on the price....I cannot disclose anything" looks like an accidental slip....but 10700 seriously...

    I think IREO is going to come out with Gold plated toilets!!!