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  • Nice post tinesha, could you please share the links of the source of this information/QuGAPI, thanks.

    Originally Posted by tinesha
    The Markets have again started slowing down .

    QuGAPI was taken to be 1000 in Oct 2005.

    The following are the calculated Indices.

    And the following are the change in indices over the previous quarter. A positive number shows that compared to the last quarter the index has increased, and a negative number indicates that the index has fallen compared to the last quarter. When the rate of growth is lower than the previous quarter, it indicates that the price increases are slowing down. From the Graph it is clear that the prices started accelerating in July 2009, and from Jan 2011 onwards the market has started to loose momentum ....

  • Originally Posted by youngturk
    Nice post tinesha, could you please share the links of the source of this information/QuGAPI, thanks.

  • Fund crunch for realters

    The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) conservative policy on bank lending to the real estate is affecting the sector as availability of funds is becoming a serious concern, industry experts said.

    "The real estate situation today is quite serious. The availability of funds is restricted. If this is the atmosphere, how can we expect people to invest in this sector. Another challenge is that the availability of debt has reduced. The RBI has restricted banks to give loans to the real estate sector," Piramal Group Chairman Ajay Piramal told reporters on the sidelines of a summit here today.
    Private equity lenders are also cautious while lending to the sector, he said.
    "The cost of private equity funds is high, which is another major concern for us. If they don't get 30% return on their investments, they will not invest as they feel the risk is high. So the main problem is availability of funds," he said.
    Apart from availability of funds, regulatory permission is also emerging as a serious cause of concern for the industry, he said. "We are facing a few regulatory problems especially in getting permissions for our projects. The government and regulatory authorities must realise that giving quick permission is in the interest of the consumers. The delay would only result in shortage of house stock," he said.
  • Some of the projects mentioned are yet to be delivered and the Pal Group ran awy with the money.

    Unitech is also in problem.