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NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon


NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

Last updated: November 18 2020
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    Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

    HT cables passing over residential areas in not prefrable for following reasons

    1. HT lines do make a "hissing" sound which is more audible when placed close (as it is high rise building).
    2. HT lines (means high voltage) have huge magnetic effects, which vary with intensity of voltage.
    3. presence of HT lines certainly cause disturbance in communication devices( network, radio network, DTH services, TV signals).
    4. these lines are generally not replaced (due to finanicial constraints), there have been incidents of lines snapping & causing fire etc. Similiar problems has been faced in gazipur area of delhi.


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      Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

      Originally posted by monts07 View Post
      Any idea as to whether one can exit by selling this property to a non-govt. employee?
      yes, one can sell the property to non-govt employee by paying Rs 1lakh for transfer in the name of family member and @100/sft for transfer in name of any other person... these charges are applicable before signing of conveyance that, charges are flat rs 10,000 for transfer
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        Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

        Originally posted by tgarg123 View Post
        I saw this add today also in HT Estates, last date of application is 28th Feb. When I googled more about NBCC Heights, I saw previous version of add which stated that only those who have submitted EOI in Feb-March 2009 are eligible to apply....but nothing mentioned in today's add. Website is also down else the prospectus could have throw light on this....

        Any serving/retired govt/psu employee can apply... they are not considering EOI submitted in 2009 for this phase

        @all: any idea about the worthiness of this project @abt 3800-3900/sft (all inclusive)? one can get 3bhk-1765sq ft for rs 67 lakh (parking and edc/idc included).. location of the project is right adjacent to tulip petals/ace in sec-89 on pataudi road... construction shall be completed in 30 months.. what are ur views about inhabitability of this region in next 3 yrs..


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          Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

          Project is definitely worth... (at 4150 I think? is at 3900?)

          In habitability of complex is not a problem, however, whole 80X belt will have public transport and other such issues.

          The only problem (if is is) is High tension wires through the complex. Only this one point is holding me back at the moment.


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            Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

            price for 3bhk 1765sft apartment is Rs 66,37,000, tht makes it Rs3760/sft
            @userHJ: any idea what was the success ratio in draw that took place last year?


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              Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

              Originally posted by apchanchal View Post
              Dear members,

              Need your advice on the booking of NBCC heights - 2 BHK flat 2nd floor ( Super area 1140 sqt Built area: 826 sqft) in Rs. 42,32,000/-

              Is the project and area is worthwile to invest for horizon of 3 years keeping the price. it is located on patuadi road, Hv paid 3 lakh booking amount and still have optin to back out or go ahead.

              plz guide if i should go ahead ......or go for other options...

              Anyone intrested in the project ( genuinely ) shall also let me know. The property can be transefreed by paying 100 rs sqft nominal charges.

              warm regards,
              Hi Apchanchal, Please pm me your contact details..I may be interested.


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                Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

                NBCC Heights 2nd Phase


                Alert !!

                I hope you know that this project has been relaunched this year since many people withdrew from the original allotment in 2011 - the number of DU (Dwelling Units) available for each category (TYPE I,II,III,IV,V,VI), a total of 160 being sold is leftover from last year's allotment of 490. Hence approx 30% of people who got the allotment last year refunded them to NBCC and imagine this was at a price 20%+ lower than what is being offered now. For example, the 1764 sqft apartment being sold at Rr 66,37,000 (BTW its BSP - total is 67,77,610) was sold at approx Rs 58,00,000 last year. How good the location etc would be of these leftover units is anybody's guess. NBCC is also notorious in terms of timely delivery - I know one of their 1st flagship project in Kolkatta, NBCC VIBGYOR towers got delayed by 2.5 years and they didnt pay any penalty to buyers either.

                Lets be more careful and not get too excited about this one.



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                  Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

                  Project site - not worth

                  Hi all, I completely agree.... infact I submitted the EOI through last year for NBCC but during my visit to the site and saw HT lines, it is highly non-recommendable. After that I did not submitted my application form ... now they come up once again for this NH advt. (NBCC Heights). My personal opinion not to consider.


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                    Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon


                    1) Very limited in 2BHK
                    2) Availability is there in 3 and 4 BHK
                    3) location: can't opt. it will be through draw

                    Apart from HT lines, I don't see any drawback of this project.

                    1) Location: Bang on Pataudi road.. the future gurgaon
                    2) Density: Only 580 units in 11.5 acres
                    3) Loading: 80% built up area (including balconies)
                    4) Construction: Already started
                    5) Loan: Available from SBI
                    6) Price: includes EDC/IDC/Parking


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                      Re : NBCC Heights NBCC Sector 89 Gurgaon

                      the positive about nbcc, is the property is without dispute and will get the possession in time compared to other private builder!


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?