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ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon


ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

Last updated: May 27 2019
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  • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

    Originally posted by BlessU View Post

    VB I have clearly understood that Rs300 X 1750 sq ft paid extra to ATS than other investors does not affect you..
    Most would not like this and would not think this to be JUST, FAIR and TRANSPARENT behaviour shown towards an OLD LOYAL AND FAITHFUL customer like yourself..

    It does matter to me and any sensible hardworking person to sacrifice 5 lacs plus without batting an eyelid?? I would even go to the extent that your loyalty is to the extent of idol worship.. Doesnt matter to you?? It would definitely matter to any discerning investor..

    General RE index has grown by 200% plus in last 4 to 5 years in most category A and B towns across India and prominently in North Inida- is common knowledge which your anger on me cannot negate. Better accept it..

    Please refrain from dectating me the manner of writing my script as you have recently shown that you dont have the minimum idea of decorum while one is making a requested phrase and that to after permission.... "MAY I REQUEST" .....samajh nahin aati to apne aap ko professional mat count karo.. you are not my boss
    and very surely with your kind of temperament I can visualise how your juniors must be facing you??

    Now I will ask the same question in a different manner, more like what you construed initially
    "If there is anybody, who is close to and loyal enough to pay ATS 5 lac extra, to kindly come forward and please share-what are the covenants, disclaimers or caveats which can possibly hamper handing over of the property in 4years.. while ATS is asking to invest a CRORE of RUPEES in white money.."

    Chill mate, If you have such a narrow bandwidth dont incite me to ask you more pertinent questions... I will continue my dialogue with somebody more receptive. If still you do not understand the meaning of "discrimination", "Unfair", "Monopolistic" please take some professional help and please dont mention words like trust in this brazen and ugly unregulated RE market..

    Probably Manoja also trusted you!! Were U instrumental in his banning??

    All the best for your investment for now..

    My 300 issue got sorted
    Nothing Surprises Me


    • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

      VB what u mean by 300 issue sorted - Did u get the price of 3500? thats great?


      • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

        Blessyou has been a breath of fresh air on this forum...

        His suspension is absolutely unwarranted...

        I dont see see any wrong doing on his part..
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        • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

          VB bhai - I am sure you are in touch with ATS management. Jaise hi CLP ki koi info aaye, pls post on the thread...



          • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

            Originally posted by vinaybhatia View Post
            Nipsy, what is your expectation of this area? What makes you feel to enter this area when there are issues ?

            Entry price is just one factor. As you said there could be many people who are sitting with deep pockets. And practically if you see for long term, it may really not make huge difference.

            We all know about current issues, litigation, lousy administration etc etc. and noone can deny that. These are scary statements but true.

            But on the other side, what makes so many people attracted to this place? This area has given the best ROI in last 1 year, why? Sobha and ATS both have bought land in last 1 yr, they could have entered on NH8 or any other area? Both are trusted brands and won't like to have a negative mark in their resume. ATS is already working to acquire land in Sec 104 and will come with another project in 6 mnths. Godrej is also coming.

            All this makes me rethink !!!
            Yes will be a very good long term investment (4 years) Vinay ji
            Nothing Surprises Me


            • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

              Originally posted by amit001 View Post
              VB bhai - I am sure you are in touch with ATS management. Jaise hi CLP ki koi info aaye, pls post on the thread...

              I have no info, the last I had was 2 weeks back which I posted on blog
              I am presently not in touch in regards to 109 project
              CLP does not impact me
              I am already posted
              However if I have I of I will share
              I choose not to ask CLP info as it is their confidential strategy
              Their sales team is clearly saying 4500 approx ( NOT CONFIRMED) on to other callers.
              Nothing Surprises Me


              • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

                Originally posted by nipsy View Post
                Dear BlessU.ji,

                would agree to your worry on Price thing.
                A builder of ATS repute should not play double game of different Pricing to specific customer segments...for now I shall just WAIT & WATCH...

                On your 2nd worry of habitation, I think this forum is just a minute drop in the ocean & +/- comments here may not have a real effect on demand.
                Numerous articles are written on Ggn RE with spl caution on NPR. ......

                still waiting for some sensible answers to a bigger 'Q' -
                Why does everyone believe in missing the train even at high price levels of 5K.
                ATS pricing scheme is similar to hotel room/Airlines seats pricing..
                The model is based on demand and supply.
                As the # of house sold increases, prices go up. This model exists and many builder follows it. It has got nothing to do with loyalty or selling it only to old customers. It is just that for a new customer, it is difficult to trust ATS on DP scheme and hence most of the investor turn out to be old customers. And also, it is difficult for new customers to know about it because they do not advertise.

                There higher prices does not necessarily mean that the prices in that area has gone up. It just means that they have less numbers to sell now. So, it would be foolish to assume that if ATS prices goes up than nearby prices will also go up at the same rate - May be - may be not. Good example is to check the pricing on Noida Expressway w.r.t. ATS.


                • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

                  I agree with you... clearly the gang-up has been succesful in silencing any alternate views or opinions..

                  Only the idol-worshipers are left in the party now ... patting each other on the back and looking to enjoy in isolation on the DEway.

                  Good luck.

                  Originally posted by vikky56
                  Point proven. No further arguments required

                  1. No response by investors if they issued cheques to ATS or third party.

                  2. After misguiding the forum that ATS/ Sobha bought land, an over-arching defense of the indefensible and misguiding post...

                  3. Now suddenly the sovereign ownership of land has become a JV ownership !!!


                  • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon


                    I am sorry to barge in just like that. I think we are getting too personal now.

                    ATS is undoubtedly one of the best builders when it comes to great construction quality and low density projects with wide open spaces. Their track record in noida speaks for themselves. Most of their projects are commanding a minimum of Rs. 700-1000 per sq. feet premium in Noida over other builders in the same area.

                    But I agree with BlessU observation that Dway is a long term bet only. This place will become habitable only after 6-7 years. Presently there are lot of investors and few end users in that area. I would not consider it a risk free investment.I may be proved wrong.

                    I even started the below thread comparing Noida expressway and Dwarka expressway but not many people were forthcoming with their comments.


                    BlessU is an asset for this Forum and so is vb2309. I would appeal to the moderator to revoke BlessU suspension. I do not want to be deprived of his quality writing for so long.

                    Best regards,
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                    • Re : ATS Kocoon, ATS, Sector 109, Gurgaon

                      Mahindra Aura Phase 4 vs ATS

                      Dear All,

                      Looking forward to somemore opinions on this one

                      1) ATS at 4500- 5000 PSQFT in CLP
                      2) Mahindra at 4400-4700 PSSQFT in CLP

                      Also what is the ROI expected by 2015 i.e. in 4 years from now as i expect thse projects and Dwarka expressway will be full ready by then

                      Wish you all a very Happy Diwali



                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?