Heard that ATS is coming up with their Residential project in sec 109 in 14 acres , next to atharva.....

Anybody having any more info on this....????
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  • Originally Posted by BlessU

    bhai tum kyoun dway walon ke liye raat kharab karte ho!!!:D (U posted 9 hours ago).. Dway walon ki lanka jalne do bhai... hanumanji mat bano.. spire ke piche pad jaynge sare....;)

    3000 CLP se upar ROI will be less than bank rate of interest for 5 years duration

    "very well represented... very rightly said a picture can say more than 1000 words"


    BlessU bhai,
    Since you mentioned you are investing 3000/ I had requested to share the same. kuch blessings mil gain aapki to maza aajaiga.
  • People trying all ways to get a pie of the attractive proposed D way

    Baba vardan de do, kalyan kar do
  • Site visit of a broker and investor

    To be taken in good spirit, haslo yaar thoda
  • I am talking about the first picture, where a rat is being set up with a piece of cheese & a trap . Great picture, truly portraying the current situation .

    We all know, who the rat is - gullible new investors,......................................................but, we need to find out & check the people setting up that trap .

    Originally Posted by amit001
    TO be taken in good spirit please :)
  • Let me make my stand on D way clear

    Great opportunity with a 5+ years time horizon

    Projects near the alignment of D Way will give greater returns then the ones 1-2 km inside as the infra in the sectors inside D way may take longer than 5 years

    People who bought at arnd 3 K levels like Mahindra at 3100 and Chintels at 3200 are sititng pretty to enjoy great returns

    Pricing of 4000+ looks very futuristic as my dear friend Psambher has pointed out many times...
  • Could anyone enlighten where exactly is this project coming up in sector - 109? I have personally seen Brisk and Raheja, so if anyone could give an idea keeping them as a frame of reference, I'd be thankful.
  • Very valuable details.
  • Could anyone mention the specifications of the project.
  • No specs. r out yet . Abhi sab, andheray mein teer chala rahe hain .

    Originally Posted by nksingla_2000
    Could anyone mention the specifications of the project.
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    No specs. r out yet . Abhi sab, andheray mein teer chala rahe hain .

    Well said manoj :-))
  • Chintel JV ka drama and jhol jhal

    bhalla ji, manoja ji and all others,

    yeh ATS ka project chintel ke saath JV main hai to check payment kiske naam hogi ..mujhe lag raha hai ki JV ki wajah se jhol jahl na ho jae....

    e.g Eledce Sharnam in sector-104 baad main eledco ne apna naam bapis le liya aur project sirf Vikanerwala excute kar raha hai joki...everlasting hoga...

    Please Suggest..
  • rastogihitesh, iss sawal ka jawab Bhalla ji behtar de saktey hain .

    My views on Chintels r well documented in the relevant thread.
  • manoja ji,

    Please try to understand I am not talking about the other chintel project I am talking about the one which is JV between ATS/CHINTEL in sector-109...
  • I know, what u r trying to say . In a JV, if there is a problem between partners, problems r bound to crop up for the project & it's investors. What, i am saying is that if one of the partners is like Chintels, it is " sone pe suhaga " wali kahwat .
  • so you mean if it comes there may be even more problems...because the other partner is chintel