Heard that ATS is coming up with their Residential project in sec 109 in 14 acres , next to atharva.....

Anybody having any more info on this....????
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  • CHINTELS/ATS JV - Kocoon, Sector 109

    The project investors have made profit .
  • Originally Posted by aktaurean
    Asking this for third time :-(
    Can anyone comment on construction status of different towers in ATS koccon :T2,3,4 ATS T1,5,6 Chintel ...?

    T1 - 10th floor slab is in progress
    T5 - 5th floor slab is in progress
    T6 - 8th floor slab is in progress

    They are running fast. Here are pictures - Chintels towers

    Also here is a copy of the EC for ATS Kocoon - EC-ATSKocoon
  • Originally Posted by Gabarsingh
    please dont mix the rates.....chintels flats available at 6000 and ats flats around 6300-6400rs more.....check ur self..

    There is no difference between the two...Chintels and ATS sold the same inventory. Chintels and ATS gor some exclusive selling rights overs some towers but they are all same...

    The project is built and maintained by ATS only.

    Please do not confuse or get confused.

    Many prop dealers are selling Chintel paradiso in the name of ATS Kocoon project to unknown janta...

    Please be careful!
  • The resale prices are as follows:

    Green facing units

    DP : 5500, CLP: 6200-6500

    Non Green facing:

    CLP: 6000-6200

    4 BR( 2 flats per floor 3045 Sq ft , rarely available for resale as only 2 towers)

    DP: 5800

    CLP: 6500-7000

    Resale prices are subject to the will of buyers and sellers and is not fixed as per any Money exchange or commodity index so arguments about 100-200 Rs makes no sense..

    For eg. I will not sell my unit even for 7000 DP...
  • ATS kocoon is a mix of chintels and ats ...resale of ats flats is higher and even in ats inventories r less in market....

    question is how do u get to know if its ats or chintel towers ?

    one u can guess from tower no or secound u can guess from papers ? chintels transfer will happen in chintels office and ats in ats ?
  • Why Vb2309 suspended ???, i don't see is any above post against Forum rules.
  • ATS has updated the construction status on website yesterday.

  • Vb2309,
    Welcome back Vb.
  • Construction and Price Updates of ATS Kocoon

    Thanks for your notes.

    Price trends:
    ATS Kocoon (Not Chintels)
    Based on actual transactions of 2090 sq foot unit, information from a reliable source:
    DP: 5450
    CLP: 6300

    Payment taken / demanded by ATS 61 %
    Expected that gap between CLP and DP to narrow further.
    As per market rate the gap between CLP and DP ws 1000
    Now the difference between CLP and DP is 850.

    Construction updates as attached in November updates loaded on ATS website (Link below):
    ATS PROJECT GALLERY - ATS PROJECT GALLERY - Welcome To atsgreens.com ,This is Official website of Ats Group , we are Top builders in gurgaon|Top builders in Chandigarh |Top builders in Noida | Real estate in Noida | Real estate in Chandigarh | Real e

  • Guys anyone received TDS acknowledgements from Chintels yet?
  • VB2309 well explained ..thank you ...Any idea about ATS Tourmaline project status ?
  • Originally Posted by Gabarsingh
    VB2309 well explained ..thank you ...Any idea about ATS Tourmaline project status ?

    No mate don't know about Tourmaline.
  • Any news on this?
  • One more demand, laying of the 11th floor slab.
  • Good news for all, the Haryana government has set a deadline of 15th February 2014 to resolve the issue of compensation to people displaced by dwarka expressway:) the road should be complete soon ! https://api.indianrealestateforum.com/api//v0/attachments/fetch-attachment?node_id=43794