Heard that ATS is coming up with their Residential project in sec 109 in 14 acres , next to atharva.....

Anybody having any more info on this....????
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  • Locked down deal for ATS Kocoon.. i am wondering what i need to review part of BBA? it"s tower 1.. appreciate any help with that..
  • Tower 1 for ATS kocoon if I am not wrong is with CHintels , So Ur BBA will be from Chintels instead of ATS , And they have regular Agreement terms , nothing out of the box
  • Yes. The BBA is with Chintals.. couple of items are not clear to me
    1 - Multiple owners of the land. I have Mahindra's BBA as well and they r the owner of the land. Attached is the screen shot of BBA where Chintels listed multiple owners of the land. Can someone pls confirm if they had the similar concept in their BBA?
    2 - "Provisional allotment of apartment". Why provisional?
    3 - 2 car parkings - covered/open. I thought, parking was covered.
    Thanks for the inputs in advance
  • 1) Multiple ownership of land , Most of the owners are Chintels Family except Rajesh Arora and Geeta Yadav, Basically What I understand is that They had some piece of land which was attached with Chintels because they couldnt get licence individually , Nothing to worry about . They were offered units against those land portions .

    2) Provisional allotment - Its provisional allotment only till the time of possession , Since the unit is Not constructed at the time of allotment of Unit , So how can they allot you something which actually doesnt exist , So they provisionally allot you the on the basis of Unit being constructed in future.

    3) Parkings being paid for initially are most probably for the Covered slots in Basement only. If the price for both the parking is same then
    Its in basement only.
  • Thanks!! Appreciate it..
  • For parking, didn't get clear answer from Chintels.. "Chintels - we haven't decided if both parking are going to be covered or one covered and one open." Existing Chintels allottees pls confirm if your BBA has provision for covered or open or open/covered car parking..
  • Allottees with apartment in Chintel tower, pls let me know if your BBA has provison for open or covered parking.. need to finalize by tmr morning so pls let me know.. thanks
  • Covered parking
  • May be i am reading too much into the BBA.. They have clause around additional charges..

    - BSP doesn't include EDC/IDC, etc etc. Understood.. However this is what they have in there - "Payable by allottee as and when demanded by the company. The proportionate cost of installation of equipment of procuring and supplying electricity, cost of electric and water meters, club membership fee and club charges as applicable".

    I thought, Club membership fee is included in the Total Cost. Am I missing something here? Please let me know.
  • no sir, be prepared for a zordar jatka ( demands ) at the end..;)
  • Rajesh Arora owned a piece of land ,and in lieu of that he got few units to sell..I have bought unit from Rahesh Arora......There is no problem in that ...I went through full legal confirmation before buying.........
  • Hi guys,
    I am looking for 3bhk options on DEW for my end use and visited yesterday many projects. I am allured towards ATS Kocoon because of reputation of builder and also because of flat / project layout and location. I have gone through many pages of this forum and see mostly good words for this project. Does any one has any insight on the pros and cons of first floor unit(park facing) in this project? Any words of wisdom on first floor unit and the project in general are welcome!

    Thanks all in advance.
  • Appraj; What price are you getting?

    @All should we ask the builder to pay us the penalty amount given the construction hasnt been completed by ATS in even 3 years?
  • Whats the going rate and what is the difference between kokoon and other ATS project which is nearby?
  • If u have bargain power than u can get price easily around 5300/- sqft