This is a thought that always gives me shiver down in my spine….
I have seen Gurgaon getting built over last 10 years very closely . Well when you work in Gurgaon this is what you see all around you. Construction ,Construction and Construction…With none of it ever seems to get completed…It looks like we are witnessing another Rome being built in India…The older one took 100 years to get built and I am sure our capable builders will outdo the Romans with the speed of construction that we see.

I saw a report prepared by and trust me it was horrifying speed of information… Almost all the leading builders have their projects delayed from 2-5 years… And when we compare the speed of construction in India with our able neighbors, one feels really embarrassed.
The kind of projects China has built with speed and efficiency is unparalleled in Human History.

They have just completed the longest Bullet train line in the world.. 1300 km of it built in 3 years flat. Trains will run at the speed of 300 kmph.

Longest cross-sea bridge spanning 36 kms, built in 4 years flat and employing 10k workers only.

World’s longest pipeline spanning 8700 kms from Turkmenistan to Chinese port cities built in 4 years flat.
World’s largest power station the “ Three Gorges Dam’ with mammoth 18 gig watts capacity built in 8 years. The biggest in India are still at the construction state with maximum range being 4000 mw and are part of Ultra Mega power project… None will be completed in less than 10 years to run in full capacity.

But this is what China has done. If we go back in history and see some of the most Iconic buildings of 20th Century then the facts will cause more embarrassments to us …

Empire State building remained the worlds tallest building for 40 years. What’s amazing to see is the speed of construction seen 80 years back in USA. Look at the figures below :-

-x09Excavation of the building began on 21st Jan 1930
-x09Construction began on 17th March 1930
-x09Project involved 3400 workers only
-x09Building was inaugurated on 1st May 1931.
-x09Building has 102 floors
-x09It just took 16 months for building to reach from excavation to completion stage
-x09All this happened 80 years back

Circa 2011 AD….. DLF,Unitech,Ireo,BPTP and many more are still struggling to start the excavation within 16 months from the launch of project forget about completing it…..

When you look around all that you see is despair, half constructed buildings, investors crying foul and banks raising interest rates every month and the delays getting further delayed….
Really wonder where is it all leading to…..

With this speed I only see our bank balances getting dearer day by day paying the interest on EMI's
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