Does any one know the current status of SPR road in Gurgaon? I am not sure when it is expected to be complete and whether construction has started or not?

Also, is there any hurdles (Court Stay) that anyone is aware off?

Please share some information if you have.

- Thanks in Advance
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  • Agree with your viewpoint. I personally think the developers may further go slow on their project executions given these recent developments. What is the point of delivering a project if the main connectivity is not ready.
  • Originally Posted by kiranmahajan
    The sectors which are lying around SPR like 70, 69, 71 and 74. Though roads around these houses have been made and traffic can move now rather comfortably but you know the fantastic look of SPR around this patch gets break and if the full road is constructed in same way, nothing like this. It would be a just eye catching road. I would say best in whole Gurgaon.

    Cant's these sectors that you have mentioned in the thread be reached via the Badshahpur stretch.? I know for a fact that Sector 68 can be easily reached, however not sure regarding the other sectors.
  • Villagers not accepting out of court settlement is justified, as NPR litigants agreed only after HC decided to concur with HUDA settlement package.

    Since next hearing is close by, they shall try their best to get maximum they can. Even they must be prepared to take what HUDA is offering ultimately. Doubt they'll push it to SC.

    The already running part of SPR connecting NH8 side is surely pretty is every way.
  • No no it's not like out of court settlement. This meeting on 23.07.2015 was under the direction of Court only. See the interim order released on last hearing where it was stated that Advocate of Huda and Advocate of petitioners will meet on 23.07.2015 to consider on the proposal prepared by Huda and in that order it was also stated that villagers are ready on the offer of Huda. But as per Ranveer ji who seems having access to villagers, is reporting that villagers are not agree on Huda's offer which is in line of NPR's settlements, means same size plot in another sector as no land is available in Sector 70. Now the actual fact will come out on 27.07.2015. I don't think in such circumstances Supreme Court can help villagers and SC also will ask to accept the Huda's offer since no land of same size plot is available in Sector 70.
    Further the delay due to this reason is not going to have any effect on the ongoing projects as from Sector 69 also one can come on SPR road and also through the roads made around this litigated land. It's just that the beauty of the road is effected due to this 450 meters patch.
  • Nothing is going to happen tomorrow as villagers are just wasting time of court and their only reply is lathis whoever even come to them for any negotiation from State Govt bodies. This case must go in SC for imposing final order on them as they are not even accepting even NPR'S offer.They should understand that they are not above any policy or criterian fixed by our Government. Only SC can show them right direction.
  • Next date is 3rd August,2015.
  • Ranveer ji... Are the villagers now ready with HUDA or not? And what is the next date decided for?
  • Is there still hope of villagers accepting HUDA's proposal without going to the SC.
  • I have talked with Huda people and they say villagers are not at all ready to accept NPR's type offer and always ready with lathis whenever we approach them for negotiation and their demand cannot be fulfilled as same size plots are not available in same sector 70 and in another sector for same size plot with construction money, they are not accepting. So they have created deadlock and I requested them to push the case into SC so a final decision come on this and they should understand nobody is above law. If all villagers would be like this then not a single feet of road can be made in this country. They are pushing themselves for forceful action by Government. They shud take lesson from NPR villagers.
    On 3rd August they will again waste time so this case must go in SC.
  • Interim order on 27.7.2015 hearing.

    Interim Order on 27.7.2015.

    106+213 CM No. 9015-CWP of 2015 and
    CM No. 13507-CWP of 2013 and
    CM No. 3520-CWP of 2015 in
    CWP No. 2367 of 2009
    Rambir Singh and others
    State of Haryana and others
    Present: Mr. Kulbhushan Sharma, Advocate
    for the applicant-petitioners.
    Mr. Sudeep Mahajan, Addl. AG, Haryana.
    Mr. Amar Vivek, Advocate and
    Mr. Arun Walia, Sr. Advocate with
    Mr. Servedaman Rathore, Advocate
    for HUDA.
    Mr. N.S. Swaich, Advocate
    for respondent No.4.
    Learned counsel for the petitioners states that the
    petitioners had appeared before the competent authority on 23rd July,
    2015 at 11:00 A.M., in terms of order dated July 09, 2015 and submits
    that the proposal as suggested by the respondents is not acceptable to
    the petitioners.
    To come up for arguments on 03.08.2015.
    July 27, 2015
  • kiranmahajan; ji,
    This problem will also get resolved soon don't worry, they have no choice.
    You saw what SC court gave verdict on Noida.
  • You think HUDA is low who took bribe to builders and change direction of the road. Why villager accept this proposal. They have right to fight against Huda for own land. Thing about it if u have this land than you will not abel to speak this type of words another think nobody can take forceful action. if Huda think about forceful action than it will be bigger issue batta parsol. Another think that villagers are not wasting time of court HUDA are wasting time of court and govt. money also
  • This SPR road is actually extension of Golf course extension road and this way it doesn't seem that any particular diversion has been taken for continuity of SPR. The map of Gurgaon showed this road from very beginning when the master plan of Gurgaon was passed even this road was named as NH235 and national highway left the matter on State Govt to clear the acquisition issues. All times builders can't be blamed. They will launch their projects wherever land is being provided by Government and in this several Government bodies are involved to work according to the passed Master plan of any State. I agree completely with you that everyone loves his native land but to improve infrastructure we have to compromise on better deals. You can ask more like jobs in state Govt or other things so that you have a feeling of contentment. I think you should lead and convince people there for their best livelihood in best infrastructure to improve standards of your and coming generations. I request you to come forward and this opportunity to grow don't come again and again. We are whole heartedly with villagers and they are in our blood, always remember this.
  • looks like ranveerboken, got heart. Nobody's thinking bad about petitioners they have full rights in our Democracy, that's why this case is going on for so many years.
    This is public interest project and this small patch of 150 mt or more can't hold this big infrastructure for long, end has to come.
    Huda is not thinking forceful action they are compensating them and giving better deal what else they want ???.
  • They don't want double size of plot to Huda. they want just same size of plot which given to govt. for road