Does any one know the current status of SPR road in Gurgaon? I am not sure when it is expected to be complete and whether construction has started or not?

Also, is there any hurdles (Court Stay) that anyone is aware off?

Please share some information if you have.

- Thanks in Advance
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  • Villagers need to understand that this cannot continue for long. No where in India Villagers have gained much by prolonging the issues.
    No one knows or would have bothered to know what happened to the Villagers of Singur after their land acquisition row turned into agitation nd got Mamta into power. She hasn't done anything about it. No compensation to Villagers and what ever growth Villagers would have got is now blossoming near Ahmedabad where the plant got shifted.
    See the change there.
    And Singur has gone to worst.

    If SPR issue boils further and Villagers try to make other Bhatta parsaul, then u may get Rahul gandhi there for a day and soon everything will be forgotten.
    Change and growth is inevitable. Whether u participate in it or not... It won't stop.
    India is not USA where to begin with there was no population, no history and no baggage.
    This is a 4000 year old civilization. So which ever way project would come, they will come near an Old habitat.
    How can rights of few can deny the right of growth to other millions. And this is not forceful acquisition. This is as per one of the best norms made for farmers protection in the history of human kind.
    Delays of infra projects across India have already gone up on costs terms 3-4 times thus making these very projects unlikable.
    Companies that had bid for these projects are bankrupt now. Banks are staring at one of the biggest cache of NPAs as on that.
    How long will this continue like this?
    How long we will have to wait before we see ourselves and our next generation in a better tomorrow.
    These delays across India is taking away our birthed future day by day...
    We may soon be on our deathbed one day, and being rushed to hospital in the best of ambulances of the world...
    But stuck in the traffic and unruly jam... Sinking second by second, losing all hopes of survival, and still wondering what wrong we did in our life to see this day...
    When millions in our accounts couldn't help us see another day in our life...
    Till then let this drama continue...
  • Ranveer ji you only told us that the same size of plots are not available in same sector 70 as all the land is sold out. Then you suggest which is another way to get the same size plots in same sector. Do you have any solution with you?? We all would really like to know from you.
  • kiranmahajan,
    Is Rambir Singh the petitioner is ranveerboken ??
    I always see you rely on his information.
  • I don't know he has any connection with petitioners or not but I am sure he is close to the petitioners and shares lot of things with them comfortably which we can't. And from time to time the advanced information shared by him, have proved correct as per earlier threads. So I rely on him and I think he is the only source to whom we can convey our concerns too and forward further to villagers. I literally want that they take all the maximum benefits with this opportunity to have better houses on pukka roads, sewer pipe, electric poles, water connection, etc. on the same size plot whether it is in same or other sector wherever they get, they should happily accept. I have sold my houses 3 times in desire of getting better to better location to improve my and my children standard. Same way I just want these villagers should take this free opportunity to improve themselves and also think about the other commuters and home buyers who are now ready to come there as possession of flats are approaching fast by end of this year. They must consider on future of their children who will be doctors and engineers tomorrow and they would prefer proper infrastructure having houses not these type which just turn into mud on any rainy season and then they will sell it and invest to make new house which now will made free as Government is also giving money to construct house in 6 months as ground floor can be easily made within this period. So I am dependent on Ranveer ji to show the right path to villagers for their and our benefits, they are not going to loose anything but gaining a well developed place for them and their children at the cost of Government.
  • I'm also a petitioner of this case. We are almost 20 family here. Kiran ji you said they are given lots of thinks but we want just single think our land. In same place or same size. we don't want single money. ANOTHER think is that Nobody can kill ourselves. Everybody have right to fight.
    Kiran ji I think we r different ppl. To you. We have to difficult for change our native house.

    In same sector private builder have land which have not licence yet. If Huda or private builder really want to solve this case. Why Huda not acquire this land for villagers
  • Ranveer ji I am happy to know I had been interacting with the one of the petitioners directly and could know in depth all about yours requirement to settle the issues.

    Ranveer ji what's the reply of Huda when you demand Vipul's land in return?
    And from Vipul's land, can you all get same sized plots?? If not, do you all agree to get the same sized plots in other sector??
  • We don't mind if they are given same size of plot in other sector which is close to us like 70. 75
  • Ranveer ji presently in which sector Huda is offering the plots to you?? I understand that they are offering you the same type of offer which they are giving to NPR people, I mean same size of plots in another sector as the same size land was not available in the sector where they were living.
  • Originally Posted by ranveerboken
    We don't mind if they are given same size of plot in other sector which is close to us like 70. 75

    Mr. Ranveer -

    I do not want to say that I know all your problems because I do not BUT I believe a reasonable solution should be acceptable. I understand you can argue that I do not know entire situation on ground.

    In terms of finding a common ground for the problem - I think asking for land in the sector where there is no land available to HUDA is not going to benefit anyone in anyway. PLUS if you are asking for land that builder acquired, thats like adding another party to the case hence more complexity.

    Lets assume, in some way either through courts or mutual understanding with HUDA it is decided to divert the road, how is that going to benefit you? Are you happy to live in the midst of a concrete jungle? Or whats the guarantee that you are going to get the best compensation through courts.....May be you are happy with it but I hope you have given due considerations to all the facts.
  • Ranveer ji I wish you best of luck for hearing and discussion to be held on 3rd August and God may solve all problems of petitioners and flat buyers as well.
  • Thanks kiran ji
  • Next date 24th August
  • Ranveer ji, what is progress now?? Any settlement being reached between you and Huda or not as you suggested other sectors too in last threads???
  • Not now kiranmahajan; ji
  • Is Huda making any Effort? What for 24th August is decided??