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Now the Villagers of Greater Noida are in celebration mode and those who invested their hard earned money in GNOIDA approved 5000 apartments are in shocked mode. I heart fully appreciate this decision bcoz that was an open injustice to those who are living there for centuries and the way Greater Noida Authority duped them of what they deserve. Worst hit are investors bcoz they lost their hard earned money.

Positive impact of this decision is still in question mark for all investors and end users not only in Noida and Greater Noida but in other part of the Country.

Now I come to the point of concern about its impact on Gurgaon realty sector. I don’t know much about the disputes related to the current status of one of the biggest SEZ i.e. Reliance SEZ covering the Gurgaon and Jhajjar Districts. If I am not wrong some year before, I read about the smooth land acquisition on Jhajjar side but some agitation/dispute by villagers on Gurgaon side of Reliance SEZ. Every builder is cashing out the upcoming Reliance SEZ in Gurgaon especially on Northern side of NH8. Now can we assume that current decision of Supreme Court will again fuel the dead issues suppressed in this part of world? If it is, then I am sure it will creates some level of concern about our investment in sectors like 37, 8X and 9X.
What about its impact on sector dependent of NPR as well as RSEZ i.e. sector 99 to 110 and other part of Gurgaon?

Is there any problem in areas along Sohna Road, just after Badshahpur Village? I heard that lot of area after Badshahpur was purchased diretly by Builders from farmers excluding Sector 67 and 67A. I am talking about area between Badshahpur and Maruti Kunj only on both side of Sohna Road.

This is my POV. There is nothing related to pressing panic button in this posting, I just want some updates, whether such issues are exists or not in Gurgaon. I am expecting more contribution from senior members in this matter.
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