Please let me know how an investment in DLF New Town Heights is going to be. I am basically interested in a 3 bedroom flat.
Many Thanks..
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  • Originally Posted by saurab9542

    Above are the planned projects near DLF New town heights, Sector-91

    "Manish Projects" ?

    Haha... this is downer for premium DLF brand.
  • Visited the site for Ramprastha also had outside view of DLF towers. Occupance of 20-25%...also nearby society also 10-20% occupancy. Dont expect the perfect living coniditons early around. But poeople are living
  • Occupancy is 50% right now and I see 1-2 deals happening every week. Prices are rising here again :)
    • jackdaniel1 years ago
      what are the current prices for 3 bhk and 2 bhk flats?
  • Originally Posted by raabta
    Originally Posted by saurab9542

    Above are the planned projects near DLF New town heights, Sector-91

    "Manish Projects" ?

    Haha... this is downer for premium DLF brand.
    Yes one one side of NTH 91, there is DLF Galleria 91 planned. On the other side is this Galaxie 91 by Manish builders. Supposedly claims to have a 6 screen multiplex.... lets see where this goes
  • THE WORST PART: Construction Quality is EXTREMELY BAD
    When you sit inside your room, you can clearly hear voices from flats above and below yours and it's audible as hell.
    You can hear door closing, someone speaking loudly, someone sneezing, TV noise.

    I wonder if this is the case with other flats in New Gurgaon.
    Is there a fix for such problems?
  • What is the the current circle rate for dlf sec 90 ?
  • Need some help from members here. I have been looking for a flat in NTH Sector 86. While members on the forum have been quoting 4000 psft, none of the brokers are quoting below 91-93 lacs for a 3 BHK? Are they articificially inflating prices?
    • shobsar1 years ago
      Please let me know the ongoing rates for 3 and 4bhk. I have heard that prices are have reduced considerably in last few months. I am interested in buying a flat
  • This Condominium is a serious mess. Extremely bad soundproofing in apartments.


    Wall and floors are so thin that you can hear tv noise from apartments below you. This is a serious flaw in construction, probably the reason why occupancy here is less than 50%.
    • yuvnish1 years ago
      Dear Saurabh,
      You seriously seem to be widely mistaken and bised in your reviews here.
      I live in nth 86 from last 1 year.
      Out of 1200 flats 800 are occupied.
      I will not say construction quality is perfect but it's fine and very well maintained.
      In last 1 year I have not had a single instance where the sound or noise was audible to me of any other flat.
  • Hello all,

    I just purchaed a property in New Town Heights Sec 90. The apartment is on the 12th floor. I have a small daughter and huge open balcony is a constant danger.

    I wanted to install a grill on the balcony but apparently DLF has some policies against doing the same.

    Has anyone else faced this problem? Anyone apptoached management to get it installed?

    I am staying abroad and did not get the chance to take this up with higher authorities.

    If anyone had similar experience please share.


    • manujmohla4 months ago
      DLF has very strict policy regarding building facade and will not allow you to make any changes on the exterior of the building whatever be the reason.

      Its better to keep doors and windows closed.