Guys, its a fact that dlf plots in sec91 and 92 have sold like hot cakes. Most posts on this forum rated the price of 40k + crazy. However, all investors who bought this cannot be dumb as there is significant sums of money which seems to have gone into these transactions.

Is there something which we are not able to see now ? Do investors really see a price of 1 lakh on these plots 4-5 years down the line ?

Can someone throw light on whats going on ?
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  • Originally Posted by anusau123

    You will find karan69 spreading such negativity in all the new gurgaon projects. Don't confuse urself with negative news propogators

    Why moderator taking not any action against this personal comments?

    ..................& if anybody is posting negative comments, counter them with facts .
  • Please somebody arrange a primary school education for karan.... I am not worried about the kids, but when somebody is just trying to justify their bad decisions on DEW on other builders in New gurgaon area. Then it surely shows how much mature they are.
  • Have often seen people on DEW bad mouthing things about New gurgaon and New gurgaon investors bad mouthing about DEW. Well that has set up low sales in both. Good mindset prospers growth for everybody, else everybody is doomed the same way. New gurgaon surely is an advantage for now, due to tussle on DEW. But at the end of the day everybody should get their dream home, with no negative thoughts incepted by people like above.
  • And people on this forum know what DLF is capable off.... It is capable of building a city, on the forum of which every body of us are debating.
  • Hi All,

    What is the latest status of this project. What is the latest resale price going on. Is it advisable to invest in this project and what will be the returns expected with the investment horizon of 5,7 & 10 Years.