According to a broker I talked to today, stilt parking a la Delhi is going to mandatory very soon in residential plotted developments.

Can anyone confirm or deny this ?

Also, what impact do you see in case this is true ?

Best regards

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  • Originally Posted by abc111
    In Delhi;maximum height allowed is 15 m.

    People make stilt+4 by keeping the stilt 7 feet and roof 9-9.5 feet.

    It would be the FAR ; that would decide whether stilt+3 or stilt+4 can be made.

    If FAR is not increased; then it would mean stilt+3.

    A friend who is a real estate guy hob nobbing with the Haryana political class tells me that before the elections stilt+4 will get approval.
  • Originally Posted by niftytrader
    A friend who is a real estate guy hob nobbing with the Haryana political class tells me that before the elections stilt+4 will get approval.

    Waha ! what good news if true ! sir plz do keep ur friendship with your "real estate hobnobbing friend " so you can share more good news with us in the forum !
    I see at least 20% appreciation in plots when or if this comes true . :bab (59):
  • Stilt parking is now allowed in Gurgaon.
  • Thanks for the news.

    Any other changes such as FAR, height, etc
  • No change in FAR
    Height increased to 14.5mtr
  • Is the proposed FAR scheme just for Gurgaon or will be applicable for all HUDA sectors throughout Haryana?

    Originally Posted by BEWOLF
    yes yes of course , it ll be rule by huda for gurgaon , so all plotted developments would have these rules as all pvt colonies are in sectors of huda only !!!!
  • Welcome Move !!

    This will surely improve Parking Problem in coming days & will work as catalyst in selling builder floors .

    Here is the Proposed link of amendment :

  • Originally Posted by jatin_ncr
    No change in FAR
    Height increased to 14.5mtr

    I guess that increase in height is to offset the height needed for parking.
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  • Originally Posted by sandy777

    The policy for stilt parking is out today.


    Thats good news and likely to reduce congestion. Any idea about commercial implications??

    How can this impact prices in other towns.

  • Sir , This notification doesnt sound mandetiory to get building plans passed ..like in Delhi .
    Secondly Construction of stilt parking increases then cost of building by 20% , then what's the incentive for the home ower / builder ....one extra floor would have done that !
  • Apart from solving the Parking problem, it has a few disadvantages i think-
    a) The cost of Construction goes up.
    b) The Ground floor looses most of that extra price it commands over higher floors.
    c) The Basement becomes less useful now. If you make it a duplex basement that then the stilt is partial and if you make it full stilt then to go to basement one has to go between the cars parked on Ground floor. So for sure, the basement price/utility is affected.

    Not sure if all builders will immediately move to this. But in places where there is a bit of congestion, this will work very well. Thats my POV.
  • I think the Govt should have thought of Increasing FAR and height to 4 Floors along with allowing Stilt Parking ...
  • Yes, its always better to get more!
    But i think now, most builders would prefer to build this way and charge more to customers on account of covered dedicated parking. Also, increase in FAR/ extra floor could be in vision especially around the next elections. The 2nd floor prices should be higher for new houses with stilt parkings going forward!
  • This may create problem for the Old Floors.
    People would prefer to buy floors with dedicated parking.

    And I don't think that floor market is going anywhere as the market has been extremely slow in recent past.

    Increased FAR and the permission for an additional floor can bring some life back into the plot market.