Sobha International City

Exclusive Villas & Row Houses in Gurgaon near to the Airport

Sobha International City an Innovative Project Designed To Produce a Home Be fitting Your Dreams & Your Aspirations.

Sobha Developers Ltd. has announced that the Company has entered in to a Joint Development Agreement with Chintels India Ltd and QVC Realty Pvt. Ltd., to develop an integrated township spread over 153 Acres in Gurgaon Sector 109 & Sector 106, Haryana.

Privilege villa life:-

ØInspired by straight line modern architecture with functional aesthetics.

ØAiry and naturally lit homes ensuring fresh living experience
ØFront and rear gardens in each villa and row house
Top notch specifications:-

ØPremium marble and wooden flooring

ØDouble height dining and living spaced and spacious rooms with high ceilings

ØStone cladding with high texture paint on exteriors
ØWalk-in closet space in master bedrooms
ØDouble glazed French windows from floor to ceiling
ØVRV air-conditioningØCentral water heating systemØChromium plated single lever faucets and accessories of reputed make.

Row house size & price:-

270 Sq. Yd. ------ 4 BHK (G+1 and Basement)* ------ Rs. 3.5 cr.*(Few Units Also Available without Basement)

Villa sizes & price:-
400 Sq. Yd. ------ 5 BHK (G+2 and Basement) ------ Rs. 5.60 cr.
500 Sq. Yd. ------ 5 BHK (G+2 and Basement) ------ Rs. 7.08 cr.
692 Sq. Yd. ------ 5 BHK (G+2 and Basement) ------ Rs. 8.84 cr.

The price includes EDC+IDC+Club charges+ Maintenance deposit VRV air-conditioning, power back up and lift. Registration and service tax are separate.

Booking amount – 15 lacs & 25 lacs
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  • Originally Posted by manishggn
    Have people started moving in ?

    Yes, as on July 2016 two families had moved in and another two were in the process of completing interior work and were planning to move in. This is based on information given by Sobha sales representative at site.
  • Originally Posted by Maveric007
    This update is from about a month ago based on my visit to the project site:
    All row houses in phase 1 have been offered possession
    90% of the 400 and 500 sqyd villas should have been offered possession
    So of about 200 odd houses in phase 1 of the project, 180 or so should have been offered possession in the last 4-8 weeks.

    with so many possessions as quoted by Maverick..what has been the experience during possession. any surprises - positive or negative - on quality , charges , area, vat etc

    how is the maintenance in the township. when will club house be operational.

    is there a whats app / telegram / FB page that buyers interact with and share views and experiences
  • any update from someone residing here? would appreciate end user feedback...
  • I'm planning to take possession of my sobha home in the next few weeks and will update about the progress. Please suggest if any other residents on the forum would like to connect
    • anshul25110 months ago
      HI Maveric007, i hope you must have taken the possession. Hows the experience living in Sobha house? Can you please share your experience with Sobha so far. I am also planning to move here soon. Thanks!
  • hey, any idea on land owner / land use planned for land plot between the phase-2 villas, under the HT lines towards 60m road? Is OSB planned there? Any other group housing?
    Thanks in advance
  • Can we say that 'Sobha is the the only developer exists in Gurgaon adhering to their commitment' ?
  • Yes Sobha has offered possession in time and done good job too worth the brand and the price they charged. Yet not many residents have gone ahead and taken possession given the missing infrastructure closeby.
  • Other one I can say Chintels, little delay but completed the project.
  • But what about surrounding plots and properties? Even Tatvam villas was a fine property but one entire block of villas has been badly affected by Primanti construction. Given the haphazard shape, most of the Sobha villas would be impacted by adjoining projects (even post construction).
  • Looking to connect with any other residents or buyers in the Sobha project. Please indicate or pm me
  • Guys, sign this petition for Prime Minister of India to complete Dwarka Express way. Share in facebook and at least two more forums of IREF. This is for us, make it success.

  • Originally Posted by rajesh95006
    Guys, sign this petition for Prime Minister of India to complete Dwarka Express way. Share in facebook and at least two more forums of IREF. This is for us, make it success.


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  • I would like to connect with Sobha buyers and possession owners, please. I am looking to buy a 270 sq yard villa of theirs. Wish to know the clubhouse status and surrounding development.
  • Anybody took the possession or planning to take the possession anytime soon? I heard that many families gonna move in in sobha villas during diwali time..
    If yes then plz share your experience or thoughts or views..