Please give your valuable inputs regarding the available commercial space to set up a doctors clinic in sushant lok area. A doctors clinic would require area of around 300 sqft. Though the doctors are allowed operate from home but I am looking this as an investment also. My budget is around 20-30 lakhs. I have an option for 300 sqft office space in Peach Tree for 28 lakhs with possibly some further negotiations should be little less. Thanks in advance.
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  • Have not seen Peach tree but SL-I looks to be good to open a clinic since the neighboring areas are almost fully occupied.

    I am also confused on what to buy for clinic for my wife, planning to shift to GGN 2-3yrs from now so I would need a space for clinic about 500sft or less. I am not very familiar with whole of GGN so confused which area should i go for. I want to buy commercial area considering the development 2years down the line since already developed areas (DLF/SL-I etc) are very expensive.

    Senior members please advise.....

  • The sushant lok area has been on the expensive side as the rates in GGN do keep on expanding. Here's a link for the real estate agents that might help