Has anybody an idea whether necessary approvals for this project are in place?
Universal has still not given buyer seller agreement. They say the necessary approvals are not in place as yet. If that is so nobody will be able to take a loan for the installment they have demanded.
Pl share if you are facing same dilemma...
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  • I believe this information is not correct. I visited the site with prior appointment to my unit around 45 days back. At that time very minimal labor was on the spot. But on the other hand side of aura side, I mean on tower a to e, a good number of labor was in place.

    Jitin, did you try to reach out the Ua office at Shona road or that is also closed or sealed??
    I am not in India currently hence relying the update form the people living in Gurgaon. I paid the demand for brick work completion for tower f. In April only. If this property is sealed by court than bank should not reimbursed my demand / payment to builder.

    I hope this helps!

  • yeah , My bank also paid brick installment just one month back , so i hope property is not sealed , yeah but construction going very slow.
  • Friends, original BBA was signed in Aug / Sep.-2011 & as per this agreement, we should get possession in next 36 months, i.e. by Sep.2014. Considering 180 days extended time window as well, possession should have been done by April / May 2015. Have anyone spoken with builder regarding Delay penalty payment ?? What is their response ??
  • thanks dinesh for this point , if grace period already finished last month , we shall ask for compensation , i misplaced my BBA , so dont know if I also have same dates . Did anyone inquired builder for this?
  • Construction of Tower D and E is in progress now.. :) Electrical work is going on.. along with plumbing..
  • Thanks jnitin for the updates!!
    Did you recently visit the site? Tower D and E are on other side of the road, did you get the chance to see the progress made on other side towers as well. I mean tower F to J??

    Appreciate your updates !!

  • My father-in-law has shifted to Vatika.. So, he keeps us informed of the progress..
    The other side has not started yet..
  • Work is in progress now.. Gate was open, it was locked previously.. Side road construction is done.. Even saw one person inside and heard hammer noise.. Tower a to e side..
    Work is very slow though..
  • Thanks Jnitin!! Really appreciate updates..
  • You are welcome..
    We even talked to a guy at the site and he suggested that they are aiming to give possession by July 2016.
  • no work

    I Was at casabella site today could not see any labour in Aura
  • Did anyone checked with UA , about late possession penalty , i missed my BB agreement , so not sure about dates , but for sure 3 years already gone
  • During last week visit, i could talk to site engineer. Inside Tower D and E some work was going on. I was told by him, electrical conduting work is going on.

    Arrangement done for starting plastering from outside. You can see gantry work in the picture share by one of the member.

    Pace of work seemed to be at a low pace.

    On the other side, Tower F onwards, i could not see any movement.

    I was told that for EWS flats, boundary work is on the verge of starting.
  • Thanks itender for the update. Much appreciated!!

    This whole project was divided into two parts and contract given to two different contractors and should be running the work in parallel. I see that 2 BHK towers were given to bhal for which skeleton part is over long back and now the work is almost stopped but on the other side of road the work on tower a to e is in progress by 2nd contractor although that is of very slow speed as well.

    I am not sure how long will this take or UA is intentionally delaying the project or having shortage of funds etc? I am currently out of India, is it possible for anyone to visit the marketing office to get the concrete updates??. Sending is mail to Crm team is not worth as tried in past as well.
    Please feel free to update / reply if make sense.

  • Guys,
    Do you know that in case the builder fails to give u possesion in 3 years, you can't claim tax exemption on your intrest payments, as per the govt regulation?