Has anybody an idea whether necessary approvals for this project are in place?
Universal has still not given buyer seller agreement. They say the necessary approvals are not in place as yet. If that is so nobody will be able to take a loan for the installment they have demanded.
Pl share if you are facing same dilemma...
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  • I visited the site over the weekend, there is no construction going on at all. I think we must get together and talk to builder, and also explore the legal options.
  • We must join together and meet for irregularity by builder, the long pending issue of area increase.
  • Any update on construction starting again....we must come together so that builder does not linger this project...
  • A post from different thread -

    I think we need to get together now and act..

    A response from the link:
    Few points to learn from the buyers of DLF Westend Heights, Bengaluru:

    1. Possession delayed by more than 3.5 years (promised delivery was within 3 years of signing application, but it ‘s already 7 years now!)
    2. Unreasonable charges (to the tune of minimum Rs. 8 Lakh/flat on top of the total price quoted during agreement signing
    3. No amenities whatsoever
    4. Loading of CSR charges on buyers!
    5. No provisions of visitors parking
    6. Extremely shabby quality of construction and fittings (from the so called number 1 builder in India)!
    7. Dummy association formed with DLF employees to further siphon off money from hapless buyers on one context or the other!
    8. Non-payment of Delay penalty, Early Payment Rebate, Timely Payment Rebate, Preferential Locations charges by builder to buyer despite defaulting on all factors and buyer being eligible for all the penalties!
    9. Builder’s representative (AVP level employee heading the project) was not even ready to meet the buyers and in-fact buyers were threatened by security guards that their legs would be broken if they forcibly tried to meet the official!

    Action taken by Buyers (a few brave ones though, in the face of tremendous discouragement and opposition from all quarters):
    1. Huge protests conducted since last 3 years which got ample publicity from media
    2. Systematic twitter campaign through which Central Cabinet ministers were made aware of the issues (yes, we were able to personally get D V Sadananda Gowda, the Union Cabinet Law Minister to mediate with the builder)!
    3. Hunger strike (one of the buyers actually fasted for 7 days and had to be hospitalized) followed by relay hunger strike
    4. Case filed at the Karnataka State Consumer Redressal Forum
    5. Case filed against the CA firm who used to certify all these illegal demands being made by the builder, with ICAI (currently in advanced stages of investigation with high chances of the CA firm losing their practicing license)
    6. Case filed with SEBI under the financial frauds clause (Ouch, this is going to hurt the most)!
    7. Case filed with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) which may result in cancellation of the builder’s license altogether!
    8. Case filed with ‘Registrar of Societies’ against the fraudulent association formed and imposed on the buyers and the buyers being forced to transfer money to this third party in the name of various charges
    9. Case filed with Central Commissioner of taxes against the various taxes being demanded by builder whereas non-of it has been paid to the government
    10. Few more extremely crucial actions which cannot be disclosed at this point of time!

    The Results:
    1. Couple of hearings already conducted at the State Consumer Forum
    2. Historical decision given by NCDRC in the form of a class action suit (only the second one ever in India, the first being filed by Govt. of India against Nestle in the Maggie episode). Details can be found here – http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/G...pe=A&eid=31806
    3. Reversal of charges loaded on the buyers by the builder (which builder showed as CSR in their books)!
    4. Agreement to provide ample visitor parking space
    5. Much more to come in the near future.

    So, dear friends, as you can see from the points above, it’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH against these white collared robbers who don’t think twice before devouring the life’s savings of a common man invested in his dream home by taking advantage of the various lacunae in the law of the land.
    However, let me assure you that despite its various shortcomings, the India law is strong enough to nab these criminals by the scruff of their necks and drag them to jail (remember Subroto Roy Sahara)!
    It’s high time to stand up, get united and hit back hard – where it hurts them most)!
  • Count us in.. Nothing much is happening at the site and at this pace, we will not get the possession even next year.. And we will keep on paying rent, emi/bank interest and income tax..

    When and where is the meeting?
  • I'm out of India for few months, won't be able to participate. I think there was a group formed earlier for similar purpose; but nothing moved.
  • Hi guys, one of ma friend had invested in Universal greens project in faridabad and I came to know from him that over there they didn't even constructed one tower D as per their layout and was sad n depressed as his hard earned money like all of urs was involve in their projects. So the matter was quite serious . U must all unite n go against the builder otherwise they will keep delaying the project.
  • Company Under Liquidation / Compulsory Winding-Up (M/s. Universal Buildwell (P) Ltd.)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My father & cousin is also affected by M/s. Universal Buildwell (P) Ltd. Since 2010 they booked Units in Universal Square in Sec-59, Gurgaon. Till date NO PROGRESS. After I approached in DTCP through RTI then it disclosed they have NO Building Sanction Plan & now License is also expire.

    After we filed the case in State Consumer Court as well as Patiala Court for Criminal case for cheating, Sec-156/3 CrCPC.
    Now One thing is also disclose that M/s. Universal Buildwell going for Liquidation / Compulsory Winding-Up. Order dated-21.3.2015

    So my request you to all if you file the case & fight with us then Join on Urgent basis otherwise they grape the whole amount. Already more than 100 crores Loan against this company & other creators.

    Don't waste your hard-earned Money & time.

  • Not sure how true is this. But if its true, what options do we have to safeguard our investments.

    Buying a flat with Universal has been a stressful and disappointing experience.

    I would like to actively participate in any groups or forums fighting against the builder.

    The only way out is to get together and fight for our rights.

    Please let me know more on any groups formed to fight against the builder.

  • I am also in pls let me kno
  • Guys there is a app for this forum, install it and set universal aura as ur favourite so as to get the instant updates of the discussion...
  • I have not heard of any resale recently ..with all these news out in market , builder already lost its image , in that area i think other projects are >5000 psf , but i doubt UA is even be sold at 3500 psf ..others if have more info please share
  • Originally Posted by ankitnigam
    I am also in pls let me kno

    Kindly put your request to join:
  • Every one buyer ie harrased by universal for aura project should for sure join the people, who are already fighting for.
  • PM me details of yours if you are really serious n want to join this group.