Has anybody an idea whether necessary approvals for this project are in place?
Universal has still not given buyer seller agreement. They say the necessary approvals are not in place as yet. If that is so nobody will be able to take a loan for the installment they have demanded.
Pl share if you are facing same dilemma...
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  • Originally Posted by pschow
    Kindly put your request to join:

    I sent a request yesterday. Please add me in group.
  • Horribly confused on the future of this Project..... When we will see the daylight... yet to have confidence..... Paying Bank installment along with monthly rent is eating away to the flat buyers....
  • I have requested to join the group but got an email that I need to pay to join the group. Is that true?
  • I have unit in tower B, I want to join the group. I have seen news on you tube. Let me know whom to contact....

  • Spoken to Builder. They understand that there were delays at their end but promised to go fast paced after mid Jan, they have resolved all the issues with the construction company. Also, they promised that it will be best quality product in the area and will more focused in 2016.

    I really they are able to do some repair to their brand image in 2016, fingers crossed. I may be hoping against the hope but that's the only option right now as there is no resale for this project in the market. This is certainly highly undervalued project considering the location and overall structure of the project.
  • Hi Any update ??? Regarding start of construction
  • Mapsko is coming out good. Will Aura be comparable to it? Any ideas ?
  • Originally Posted by rajat9sahni
    Company Under Liquidation / Compulsory Winding-Up (M/s. Universal Buildwell (P) Ltd.)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My father & cousin is also affected by M/s. Universal Buildwell (P) Ltd. Since 2010 they booked Units in Universal Square in Sec-59, Gurgaon. Till date NO PROGRESS. After I approached in DTCP through RTI then it disclosed they have NO Building Sanction Plan & now License is also expire.

    After we filed the case in State Consumer Court as well as Patiala Court for Criminal case for cheating, Sec-156/3 CrCPC.
    Now One thing is also disclose that M/s. Universal Buildwell going for Liquidation / Compulsory Winding-Up. Order dated-21.3.2015

    So my request you to all if you file the case & fight with us then Join on Urgent basis otherwise they grape the whole amount. Already more than 100 crores Loan against this company & other creators.

    Don't waste your hard-earned Money & time.


    Hello Rajat,

    I am also affected by this. Invested since 2010 and no update on the project. How can we be in touch and fight together.]
  • construction is started for phase 1. Good news
  • Are you sure ? One buyer in this project have visited the site on this Sunday (17th Jan) only & couldn't found even a single labour working at site.
  • Hi,

    Just spoke to a lady (customer care) from Universal Aura & she is saying that Construction has started again since last week. I really have doubt as somebody has mentioned here that no construction is happening there. Did someone visited the site last weekend (23-23 Jan) & can anyone update if construction has started there or not. I am currently not in Gurgaon.

    I asked her to tell me the correct picture as lying won't help anyone. This project is already running late & possession doesn't seems to be in near future. She said that it has started & they plan to handover the flats starting Dec - 2016. Can someone please provide latest updates here.

  • Hi No Construction was happening last weekend. I am sure about it,
  • Yes, I heard the same thing with senior staff in Aura.

    It was just started / resumed last week only.

    Might be take time to see significant labour from outside.

  • Any one visited the site recently.....?
  • Originally Posted by kumar77
    When did I say that I will only answer if you have more like or you have posted less.

    What I meant was that you have written 50 posts, moreover, one of your post was liked by someone.so you have spent considerable amount of time on IREF. That means, you must have read many posts. I also wanted to you to spend sometime on reading UA posts.

    You read last few posts about super area increase, but you didnt read all the posts from the beginning. I was interested in purchasing UA few months back. The price of 4000 also excited me when I compared it with other properties in the vicinity.

    It is definitely better than its neighbor Mapsko.

    Please share your present views on the comparison between Universal Aura and its neighbor Mapsko Casa Bella.