I have been reading IREF since 2 years , and what i have noticed since then that in the first year there were only 2 forums popular one Pune and another noida, in Pune there used to be people of all types of views, and there used to be some quality discussions, but in Noida forum there was no quality, all the people were of bullish views all threads were of, where to buy, what rate, which project? etc and if someone tried to show the bearish views which is other side of the coin ,they were thrashed abused and kicked out of the discussion by all the bullish people. Slowly-2 noida Forum was full of those educated fools. so i started avoiding reading the forum ... and result you can see rite now what happened to all of them.

now what i noticed that Gurgaon forum is also following the same route , what i feel is that in the last 2 years gurgaon property prices appreciated by up to 100% and now there is very little chance of such appreciation, and also remember that the thing which goes to the maximum height have the highest potential to fall with greater speed and to greater deapth.
there is over supply at gurgaon also accept that, gurgaon prices are at the peak consider that, Gurgoan Builders are trustworthy rethink that,

all of my views is to make you cautious about saving your Capital for the little greed of 10%,15% max 20% appreciation in one year or fear of missing the bus.
Save your capital enjoy life and buy after 2 to 3 years.
for more Information spend 2 days read all posts of 2 threads of Pune Forum
1. builders theory proved wrong and Stock advice.
you may loose greed and fear atleast for few months until recession comes.

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