I got an sms from Ansals regarding their launch of commercial / retail spaces ( Ansal Hub ) in sector 83.
On enquiry i got the following details

Size –283 – 1200 Sqft Retail Office Space
Total Area –1.35 Acres
·Ground Floor: 9,100/-
·First Floor: 7,445/-
·Second Floor: 6245/-
·Office Space: 4795/-
seek opinion from members.seems to be a gud option to have a retail / commercial space in sector 83 but the launching rate of 9100 psf itself seems too high to me.:bab (35):

Further i was informed that the ground floor is already sold out.
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  • Any thoughts on this project?
    is it a good investment with a 5 yr perspective?
  • 100% safe and good project

    hold ansal hub for 5 year and
  • Hi can any one share more details:

    Will this project have retail shops? or only OFFICE space?

    What is current ongoing rate for this project, I am interested in smaller size, can any one share which one is good ANSAL or IMPERIA?

    Please help me in finailizing retail shop project...
  • Please share the layout plan in case it is out from builder end..
  • 12000 to 13000 on gf shop rate
  • is this rate for resale or still fresh booking going on?
    I was interested in fresh booking.

    Originally Posted by yugal12
    12000 to 13000 on gf shop rate
  • only resale in gf floor first and second floor availiable in new bkg
  • Thanks, can you please share the ongoing rate for second floor. Hope first/second floor are connected by lift

    Originally Posted by yugal12
    only resale in gf floor first and second floor availiable in new bkg
  • I am thinking to buy 1 unit at Ansal Hub? - may be 2nd / 3rd floor ?

    Is it available direct from builder ? How much is resale price ?

    Any suggestion to good broker?
  • I would suggest not to go for it unless ur planning to but it for some end use purpose and have a budget constraint. Ansals hasn't done a great job in development of their projects and moreover demand is very limited for inch higher retail floors.

    I can suggest some alternatives based on ur budget so please specify the time for which u can hold the property n ur budget
  • Why there is no update no this project ? I want to invest. Please share is it good ?
  • create whatsapp group for Ansal Hub boulevard. Please join if you have purchased/owner of shops/showroom in this project.