Hi Guys,

I am new to this Forum and seek your views and suggestions. I tried searching but could not find a related Thread. Hence starting new.

From pure Investment point of view, for about 5-7 years, in a budget of around Rs. 50 lacs, what would you prefer and why? A DDA Flat (probably LIG) in Delhi or a under construction Flat in NCR? Further, if you suggest NCR then plz suggest which and where?

As i am planning to generate about half funds from Home Loan, ready to move in or under construction will have no difference as i can generate Rent in ready to move in property whereas EMI would be lower, initially, in under construction property.

Thanks & Regards
CA Rajeev
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  • You need to keep the deteriorating building condition of DDA apartments in mind before buying one.
  • Yes, you are right but as I said, my time frame is 5 to 7 years with pure investment perspective for capital appreciation purposes. What should i choose for that purpose.
  • It is almost 100% safe to buy a DDA Flat in Delhi. You are likely to get very good appreciation within 5 years. There is no reason for the property prices in Delhi to go down even in the case of recession(My POV).

    If you invest in NCR the return may be heigher (particularly in Gurgaon) so is the risk.