I have invested hard earned money into FBD faridabad one, an IT park by Realtech group based out of defence colony. There is no construction on the site even after 2 years and the company which comprised of 3 directors seems to have broken up and there is no proper response. In fact their office in defence colony has also stopped operating.

Anyone has info about this group ? They have other projects like veritas in gurgaon and Capitol mall in paschim vihar , these projects also have a similar fate. No work and no progress.

The 3 people running this group were Pankaj Dayal, Yogesh gupta and Rajiv behl. Any information about these people or groups ? Please respond.
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  • Faridabad One- Realtech Group

    We are sitting in the same boat. Could I get your contact details in order to talk about this project. I've ben trying to locate people stuck in the same project.

  • complaint from another website

    jersyno9211@gmail.com on Jan 12, 2012

    Cheaters fraud
    The promoters are very smart skilled and sharp cheats, who induced me to invest heavily into their the then viable projects and later on duped me for millions and shifted me to a project which is stand still with no development from over 3 years, they say they don't hv any money to put in, but they are spending crores on their cars, vacations and high end houses in south Delhi, cheaters hv some shame.
  • God save us from cheaters !

    very true, Yogesh gupta also runs company Home developers on third floor of D-22,defence colony, take no. 9811108920, 9818714541.:bab (45):