Last couple of weeks have been extensive research in GGN RE market with following purpose - identify a property to put 70L-1Cr for investment and for potential end-use with a time horizon of over 3 years. Here is what I shortlisted, please provide your insighful comments :)

1. Unitech Escape: under construction quote has gone to 5700-5800 from 6000+ two weeks back for a 1550 sq ft unit. Ticket size - ~1Cr
Positives: Great greens, less crowded, good gentry, should appreciate fair bit even with a one-year possession horizon and more when other side of SPR is inhabited, can go and live there the day job is done
Negatives: Terrible loading - Vista, South Park, SunBreeze units of same size offer 3BHK + Servant. South Park's smallest BR in 3BHK is comparable to largest in Escape 1550.

2. Unitech Vistas: Getting quote of 4300 for a 1565 sq ft unit - again down from 4600 - the typical quote there. It is for Tower in A block - not park facing, though.
Positives: 3BHK + Ser in this size, seems better location then the other side of Sohna road (in long term), almost certain to appreciate to 7500 in 3 years time (considering current ready-to-use prices are around 7K+); people say delivery of A block in 1-1.5 years (though I doubt)
Negatives: Specs not as bright as Escape - a net value loss of few Lacs, possession - considering economic and Unitech's fiscal state - is extremely uncertain; whole area development rests on Unitech and DLF mostly; concrete jungle (relatively)?
Unitech Sunbreeze ruled out as weaker location, weaker specs and quoting around 4200 (though has a Servant Room in 1337 sq ft...WOW). South Park ruled out as rate is higher at around 4600-4700 with only minor spec differences.

3. Bestech Park View Spa Next: Quoting 5600 in resale - must be facing significant downward pressure if Escape is getting to 5800;
Positives: Only reliable builder on this list; expected to deliver what it commits (broadly); decent specs; not too big a project;
Negatives: Over budget by around 10L for an off-location compared to others (4 kms after taking turn from GCX); will take longer to deliver with an almost full payout initially

4. Emaar MGF Floors Premier: 1650 sq ft, 5500/- per sq ft ticket size around 1 Cr
Positives: minimal loading, great layout for the size, specs at par for the price, has all benefits of high-rises in G+5 setup
Negatives: least reliable builder on the list, most exposed to global vagaries (Unitech can handle itself by selling land), this particular project is technically not bang on GCX/SPR, high payout upfront with complete uncertainty on whether it will be delivered in next 2 years or not

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