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IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

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IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

Last updated: October 2 2012
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  • IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon


    Is there any way to know what are the current rentals of an IT-Park offices in gurgaon.

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    Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

    Maharaja Whiteline plans to put up an IT park in Gurgaon

    Sorry friend, will look into it. I just read this news on Maharaja Whiteline's plans to put up an IT park in Gurgaon.

    The New Delhi-based Rs300-crore turnover consumer durables group Maharaja Whiteline plans to put up an IT park. The group has chalked out plans to build 15-lakh sq.ft IT park in Gurgaon near New Delhi.
    "As we own the land the major expenditure will be on construction," says Harish Kumar, managing director.

    According to him preliminary work for the project has commenced and construction is expected to start sometime in March 2008.
    Do you have any list of IT parks in Gurgaon. It can be helpful.


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      Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

      Many Thanks benz

      Many Thanks Benz
      I do have a list of few IT parks but not all, this is mainly of under construction properties

      Bestech IT park - On NH8
      Vingeswara IT Park - In manesar
      JMD IT park - Sohna Road
      Spaze IT park - Sohna Road
      DLF Cyber City - DLF



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        Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

        Hi anil,

        nice observation, but i am also a new member to real estate industry, so no clues... seniors can put some light on this...



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          Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

          Office rentals to stabilize in Gurgaon

          Hi Friends,

          Read this article from Moneycontrol. Hope it proves to be of some help.

          Office space in Gurgaon is set to expand significantly by the end of this year, thanks to the ever-increasing interest from IT and ITES companies. But there could be an oversupply, thus causing office rentals to stabilize.

          Gurgaon has long been the preferred destination for it and ITES companies. And lately, demand for office space in the IT hub of Haryana, has outdone the supply, thus creating a space crunch. Hoping to cash in on this shortage, big developers are offering large chunks of office space. While DLF has recently launched about 2.1 million square feet of space, others such as Unitech, are expected to follow soon.

          According to a recent survey by real estate adviser DTZ India, about six million square feet of office space was added to Gurgaon in the first three quarters of 2006. And this figure is expected to grow to at least eight million square feet, by the end of the year.

          Also, office rentals in Gurgaon had risen from about Rs 35 per square feet per month to Rs 65 per square feet in the past six months. But now, experts fear an oversupply of space and stabilization of rentals.

          Vivek Dahiya, Associate Director, Global Corp Services DTZ India says, “In a short term, over the past few months we have seen that this increased demand has made the rentals in some cases more than the double, in a period of six months. With the amount of supply that we are expecting to come in Gurgaon, they will stabilize in the medium term.”

          The areas that are expected to see space addition include DLF city and Sohna road. Also, expected to fair well, is the expressway and the stretch between Gurgaon and Manesar, as these areas are still upcoming and have more room for development, as compared to Gurgaon city.


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            Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

            many thanks rashmi,

            article is quite informative, does it make the following sense

            rentals are around 65 psf for IT parks in general, carrying this further, does rentals vary on the base of location of project and also the location of office within the project.

            is 65 the upper value of range or there is someting more as upper value(for prime locations)
            i have been reading articles quoting the range of 100-150psf and an average of 137 psf?



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              Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

              guys any updates on this , just thaught must be worthwile discussing it after a gap of around seven there any change in the renatls and demand of IT park offices?


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                Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

                Originally posted by anuragsharma
                You can also go in for serviced and ready to move in office spaces in Gurgaon. Browse, they are offering high-tech and serviced offices in Gurgaon, New Delhi and Bangalore.
                anurag the post asked about rental scenario 7 months back
                and you are saying availibility at incube.
                pls post relevant replies and anurag dont reply saying i can go for incube.


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                  Re : IT Park Rentals-Gurgaon

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