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Real Estate Prices & Dengue: Intriguing Connection


Real Estate Prices & Dengue: Intriguing Connection

Last updated: November 9 2006
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  • Real Estate Prices & Dengue: Intriguing Connection

    Is there a connect between the Realty prices and the Dengue epidemic??? (Though Mr. Health minister is more concerned about Shahrukh khan smoking)

    Surely. Many would think I am out of my wits when I try to marry chalk and cheese...(please disregard the cloning and the other scientific innovations happening around).

    A 'back of the envelope' calculation reveals a very interesting statistic. AThough the sample is small and the samples are really samples....they were hospitalized courtesy the Dengue..not Shahrukh khan movie).

    The higher the price of the apartments, the incidence of Dengue was higher. I know of friends who stay in economy house(by Gurgaon standards) * 3500 per sq.ft and friends who are in Premium condominiums.(5500 & above).

    Most of my friends in the premium condominiums were the ones who got afflicated with dengue rather than the economy segment occupiers.

    set me thinking - "Whats the connect"?

    Please contradict might make me happier to admit that I am probably wrong and higher the price, better the maintenance.

    Is it so?
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    Re : Real Estate Prices & Dengue: Intriguing Connection

    Weird connection!!!

    I find the thought rather confusing rather than conflicting.

    Realty prices and dengue....
    I don't really think there is any connection of mosquitos with how high-end your abode is... Even the PM had 'dengue attack' on his family. While slums or the so called 'jhuggis' remained unfazed with the threat. Nor do they have provisions like mosquito repellants to ward of the deadly mosquitos nor do they have mosquito nets.... but still they survive.

    Or maybe they do not get reported.... or do not have the means to be treated and get enlisted as yet another dengue case....

    Anyway quite interesting thought.....


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      Re : Real Estate Prices & Dengue: Intriguing Connection

      Increasing construction activity....?

      Interesting discussion guys

      Here's a news extract which has given a thought to the real estate sector and the dengue connection (but of course not prices...)

      Dengue outbreak? Experts blame it on rain, real estate, even Metro

      Intermittent rains and increased construction activity have led to the breeding of Aedes Aegypti, the day-biting mosquito and the carrier of both dengue and chikungunya, say experts.

      The problem is the increased mosquitogenic conditions in the country. Compare the construction work over the years and you will know why dengue has been spreading everywhere. Construction sites are the best breeding ground for mosquitoes. Metro construction sites are also the breeding ground for the mosquitoes in the Capital.

      Source: Indian Express,New Delhi
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      Have any questions or thoughts about this?