Hi, I am very new to property and am planning to pick ups 3bhk for self use. Have shortlisted 2 properties Heritage one 62 and spaze privy 72. Heritage one about 1.55 cr and spaze privy 1.35 cr.. while spaze privy more in the budget need some reviews for both properties.If some end users can also chip in their experience would be very helpful.
Approach road to Spaze Privy in a bad shape, OC not in, also read in some of the threads that there is a cremation ground close by..However we liked the layout and it is about 20lacs lesser..How is the construction quality and maintenance​? We just visited it yesterday and saw that there was no water in the pool and even the gym equipment yet had to come, although all amenities are said to be functional.

For heritage one it is a smaller society and all amenities functional. We like this one but any reviews on the construction quality and maintenance? However the only thing is it is more expensive and the floors are just second/third from the top.
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  • Check the carpet area of both the projects' 3 BHK and then find out per square feet cost as per the carpet area and not the super area. This will give you better price prospective...3 BHK is very vague term and builders abuse this with high loadings and extra charges...
  • look at the quality of construction and the location. both are ready to move in. may be get some idea from people staying thr. i personally liked the location of heritage one
  • Thanks I also heard of a cremation ground coming up next/close to spaze. Is there some truth to that.
    • rpsingh12 years ago
      I heard construction quality for both projects are not good. location wise spaze is bit better being on sohna road and yes present connectivity is poor but i heard there is one sector road planned adjoining to this project.
  • Thanks..Heard about the construction thing for the first time for both...Good to check upon it again..any residents of these places please chip in..Yeah agreed the approach road isn't too good but wonder how good or bad is the traffic at Sohna road vs GCE