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Revenue road


Revenue road

Last updated: March 11 2012
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  • Revenue road

    Hi everybody

    Today I visited Tulip Purple's site. They have a revenue road bang in the middle of the project. The marketing guy told me that it would be closed and no one will use it, but I have been getting conflicting views from some of the agents. They say its very much possible that the road stays forever, and outsiders can use it freely (similar to the revenue road in Malibu town)

    Moreover builder still hasn't bought the revenue road land, and doesn't even have any proof of application to DTCP regarding the same

    I am an end user and thus concerned about the security caused by outsiders using that road. Is it a big risk ? Or these type of roads usually get closed ?

    Please help !
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    Re : Revenue road

    revenue roads will stay wherever they are, nobody can buy that land


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?