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Gurgaon : New Affordable housing projects to come in 2019


Gurgaon : New Affordable housing projects to come in 2019

Last updated: January 4 2019
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  • Gurgaon : New Affordable housing projects to come in 2019


    I got to know that there are a few projects coming in 2019 like:

    a) pyramid 70A[extension, i know this project is close to completion but some extension in this project is about come, I got to know from some1 who's a good dealer of affordable housing]
    b) Signature global sector 79. Further Signature sector 63A[got to know about it last year but no news for this one, I have seen this site personally]
    c) I got to hear that M3m is also coming with an affordable project in sector 9x - don't know how true is that - got an excel sheet of all affordable housing projects and I saw m3m listed in that
    d) OSB sector 70 [OSB sector 69 is going on at the moment but got to know next is OSB 70]

    PS: there are a few projects in the pipeline as far as affordable housing is concerned, it would be great if some1 who specializes in affordable housing could tell us what to expect more in 2019
    2) I am looking for a whatsapp group or a fb group where we could discuss more about affordable projects, there is one of pyramid 70A project but I want a group which discusses affordable housing projects collectively(their pros and cons), please let me know if any1 knows any good group which helps me understand the affordable market.

    Thanks & Regards
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