Hi guys - I'm totally new here so apologies in advance if there are some rules I'm breaking.

I just wanted to hear your opinions on CGHS flats - what do you think are the disadvantages of a CGHS flat in Gurgaon? I like sector 56 area but there are only 1-2 builder societies here (hewo) - mostly there are CGHS - and I have been living in one on rent for a few years. here is my take on CGHS

Pros: lower maintenance cost; smaller/closer knit society

Cons: no amenities(clubs etc); old construction;

Since I have been living in a CGHS society for a few years, I am used to it and kind of like it - more than what I liked when I used to live in a Bestech society with multiple amenities (which I never really used). Is there any thing that I am missing?
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  • Hi just saw your thread CGHS is a cooperative group housing society. There are a number of such societies in gurgaon. Relatively cheaper than private builders. If you are planning to go for it pls do a thorough backgroud check of the property like the exact area, should be free of any bank loans, allotment letter, society agreement, conveyance deed, occupancy certificate and so on etc.