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What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house


What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

Last updated: December 11 2019
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  • What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

    I am searching to buy a house in Gurgaon. I have had living here for 5 years near sector 50, explored builder floor and high rises in near by locations i.e rosewood, woodstock, nirvana country, south city 2, uppal south end, emaar emrald, palm terraces and recently tata primanti, most of properties are valued around 2 cr.

    As I have no much experiance about other areas which could be better than the list above, can someone please let me know what are other better options in Gurgaon, location is not an issue if security and basic amenities are available.

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    Re : What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

    golf course road.


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      Re : What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

      I am also in similar situation. Not sure which location is better.

      Going through the latest developments and news, I am inclined towards DEW since a lot of activity happening there. This area may not be liveable now but seems promising in next 1-2 years.

      Any expert advice is welcome.


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        hot location for investment, but livable after 3 years.

        BUT BUT, thing twice developer you are choosing.....
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      Re : What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

      New Gurgaon has better development and more potenial than DEW... Reaching DEW from New Gurgaon will always be easier than Delhi side or if you have office in Cyber City. Delhi side DEW is not developed area and Dwarka side is still unsafe than New Gurgaon although Dwarka is in Delhi but still New Gurgaon will come up better all thanks to DLF in that region.


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        Why don't you see somewhere in sector 61, 62, 63, 65? Don't go to DEW or new GGN since you have good budget of 2 Cr. Also my colleagues stay in m3m escala in sector 71. Their feedback about m3m properties is good. Just check m3m particular project regarding pros and cons.
        Try to stay near golf course road. There are many good builder floor as well in sector 56. Markets are good, well connected to delhi, rapid metro, good schools, swimming pools and sports area, big clean parks are good, roads are good, no waterlogging problem, good sewerage connection. Best place in 2 cr budget. There are few good builder floor near sushant tower and pratiksha hospital. Also checkk in south city 1 area. Lots of good builder floor. And some people are selling off in dlf 5 area.
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      Re : What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

      DEW is developing very fast. I went there around month ago.

      Pipeline and sewer line work is on going towards sector 89 . Also check Master plan 2031 as there it has much bigger SEZ plan as compare to the current DLF cyber city.

      New Bus depot is also there.

      For 2CR you will get easily 3-4 BHK ready to move in luxury project.


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        But why to wait for 2031... 2 CR is great budet to own an amazing property at Prime location of Gurgaon... don't your life go waste in waiting for development to happen in future.
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      Re : What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

      Dwarka Expressway is always a best bet given the proximity to delhi,Airport,ICC convention center and diplomatic enclave.
      New Gurgaon seems aspiring as of now but will always be called Manesar area and has no potential in the future.

      DEW is going to be one of the most aspirational area in entire delhi Ncr


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        Re : What are good places in Gurgaon to buy house

        I can see unique understanding of each and every member. All are right in their place.

        Let me make more easier for you all.

        There is two aspect price range and risk appetite.

        1.Risk factor

        Ready to move- No risk

        Under construction- High risk

        Developed location-No risk

        Under developing- High risk

        2.Price factor

        Lower price of property- May bad construction quality or location(Both)

        Higher price of property- Good construction quality or location(Both)

        Let me share a metrix for you.

        1. High budget range with fantastic location and no risk- Gold course, Sohna road or Golf course extention road with ready to move properties... example- DLF, MAHINDRA, M3M, Central park etc.

        2. High budget range with fantastic location and with lower risk- SPR road and new gurgoan, Ready to move options like- AIPL, TATA, EMAAR, GODREJ, DLF, MICROTECH and in under construction- GOdrej AIR etc

        3. lower budget with fantastic location and high risk- VATIKA, MAPSKO, SS GROUP, UPPAL, SPAZE etc

        4. High budget with futuristic location and no risk- dwarka expressway Like SOBHA, GODREJ, TATA, EMAAR, ATS, ADANI etc

        5.lower budget with futuristic location and lower risk- SP JOYVILLE, HERO HOMES etc

        6.lower budget with futuristic location and high risk- Ansal, sidhartha, indiabulls, raheja etc.

        Nothing comes without risk- Even in saving account, RBI only liable to pay 1lc max in disaster situation even whatever money hold in account. HOPE YOU MAY GOT MY POINT.

        STAY AWAY like Shushant lok etc: very bad construction quality, no park, parking, no club, drainage problem in rainy seasons. that is the reason price are similar with new gurgaon area.

        My friend, every person has its own view, take help from matrix and make your decision by own, eventually profit is yours and loss is yours.

        PS: I am directly/Indirectly involved in real estate industry.
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          Well articulated !!
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