Please suggest between below 3 options . I am looking for a property which is RTM and has at least 3 Bedroom and 1 servent / Study room.

Emaar Palm gardens - 1950 sq.ft.

Emaar Palm hills - 1950 Sq. Ft.

Vatika Seven Lamps - 2150 Sq. Ft.

I dont want to move too much from NH8 .

Kindly help.
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  • which location is better - SPR, New Gurgaon or DEW? any views?
    • shailendra.bit034 months ago
      Thanks Please suggest good properties which are RTM on the other side of NH8. My hard stop is 1 cr and I need at least 3 BR + Lounge or 4 BR apartment.

      I have few options which are

      Palm Gardens - 1900 sq.ft.
      Seven lamps - 2160 sq.ft.
      New town Heights - 2230 sq.ft.
  • Guys Please help, I have to finalize the deal soon. I like the Emaar Palm hills 1950sq.ft. layout as it is giving 4 enough size Bedrooms but since it is on opposite side of highway, I am bit concerned about the daily shopping needs and safety.

    Please suggest.
    • anujwadhwa4 months ago
      I agree with Sumeet, try Vatika City NXT.
  • Guys Please help.

    I am confused and could work with expert opinions.
  • Stay on Vatika side of the highway, you will be sorted.DEW will also add to development this side. The other side feels very secluded.
  • Stay on left hand side, Palm Hills, you will get advantage of SPR, newly developed sector 77 road, Shohna road along with NH8.

    Dwarka expressway is under doveloped, you are not going to use in everyday life,.

  • There is fully developed ecosystem to be used in daily life on the Vatika side. DEW will only add to connectivity. On the other side there is no ecosystem plus Palm hills is too congested. Go and visit after 7 pm.
  • I am getting deals in DLF NTH2 for 4 BR 2364 sq.ft. Around 1 cr.

    guys please advise if this rate is justified.

    • bhuvesh894 months ago
      rate is justified. but go and live there on rent, then make the big decision to buy. bcoz you won't be able to sell it so easily and rates will not move in another 3-4 months atleast
  • Thanks Bhuvesh. Yes I started looking for a apartment after making up my mind so I know what I want.

    I just wanted to understand if I should try to negotiate more on this deal or would it be last possible price.

    I am getting better deals in NTH3 but I am more inclined towards NTH2 because of proximity to school and 2 Km less travelling every day.
    • shailendra.bit034 months ago
      Thank you sir. Any idea about upcoming mall in sector 91 ? Last I was hearing that a Galleria market is being opened in sector 91.