I had taken a room in an apartment in a property in Gurgaon. The flat was in Princeton Estate. The flat was taken with effect from 21st June,2020. The rent for the room was 15,750 INR per month plus maintenance charges INR 1127. I was asked to pay for 20 days for the month of June instead of 10 days as the previous person vacated the flat from 1 June 2020 and landlord was incurring the loss of rent for 20 days and I compensated for 10 days.

Thus initially, I paid 10250 INR for 20 days rent, and 31,500 INR as security deposit.

However, I came back home during lockdown due to COVID situation in the beginning of June and didn't shift to the place. Nor did I sign any rent agreement.

By the end of June, I realised that I won't need the place for entire year in 2020 but still didn't inform the landlord. I paid rent (15750 INR + maintenance) for the month of July and by mid July informed landlord that I didn't want the place.

The owner, due to not being able to find third tenant asked everyone to vacate by end of August. I disagreed to the same as I had not even shifted to the place and had no contract bounding.

The owner wrongfully deducted rent for the month of August (15750 INR) from the security deposit. Also the maintainance charges for the same were paid as well. All of this without any signed contract.

Post this while returning the security amount, the owner deducted all the damage charges (5137 INR) from the security deposit and refunded only 10613 INR.

All of this was done when I was not bound by any contract since I didn't sign any, nor shifted to the place. I paid July rent, August rent and also for the damages to the flat which I was not responsible for since I didn't stay at the place.

The owner doesn't listen to me and his language is abusive. I have paid a total of INR 47,067 rent + INR 2254 for maintainance for almost 3 months and damage charges to the property, all the while when I didn't shift to the place or signed any contract.

The landlord has taken taken the advantage of the whole situation and uncertainty due to COVID and wrongfully looted us.

Please help in understanding how can I address this. What all I can ask for refund on and where can I seek help from.

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