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Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please


Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

Last updated: May 3 2016
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    Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

    St Anger jee, mujhe to aapka analysis his baised aur exaggerated lag raha hain; I don’t know the reason, but I see you exaggerating the woes of unitech in every second post of yours…May be slowly I will get to know the reason behind it

    Let me correct some facts for you, to show how you have over exaggerated things

    1.You say they have high loans – They have a debt of 5000 cr with a debt equity ratio of 0.4, which is one of the lowest in the market right now. If you want I can provide you this data for all the developers

    2. You say new projects like Southpark has not received even a single rupee appreciation. I bought SP in 4900 and I am getting an offer of 5400. You can check the market and even for a bad unit/tower floor you will not get it less than 5250-5300. That’s an appreciation of 400-500 rs in 1 years. This is nothing fancy but proves that you are again over exaggerating things.

    3. Anthea floors have a premium of 5-10 lakhs

    4. Yes the premium has been muted but not as bad as you are projected it to.

    5.You say court will attach their land – show me a single news article claiming that. This is again an over exaggeration on your part.

    6.Yes Telenor issue has been a mess, and had taken unitech many years back and it will find it tough to come out of this easily.

    I am not saying that Unitech is in the pink of health but my suggestion don’t make it sound worse than it actually is using your loud style of writing.
    PS – I don’t deny that are only a shadow of their past but not as bad as you are projecting it to be in your various posts. I think it is as worse as any other developer of its size. I also don’t suggest any one to put unitech at its top preference unless one is getting a significant price advantage but you are going overboard with it due to some unknown reason. Baaki logo ko advice karna waale aap aur main kaun hote hain, lets not be a self proclaimed RE guru here.

    Lets call spade a spade. Yes Unitech is unhealthy but not in ICU as claimed by you deliberately in many of your last posts.



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      Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

      We won't even know about the unlisted guys anyways, but What is the absolute debt (not ratio) of top guys like DLF, Unitech etc?


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        Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

        Have a look
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          Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

          'Unitech cuts debt by 40%, to reduce it more'

          Realty major Unitech today said it has lowered debt by 40 per cent in last two and half years and would further reduce the borrowing in coming quarters from operational cashflows.

          “We have reduced our gross debt significantly from over Rs 9,000 crore in March, 2009 to about Rs 5,500 crore now. The trend will continue in the next two-three quarters after that we may not need to reduce further," Unitech Managing Director Sanjay Chandra said in his first interaction after getting bail in 2G telecom scam.

          Besides gradual reduction in debt, he said the company would infuse more funds on construction of ongoing projects for fast execution of about 80 projects across the country. It invested Rs 1,300 crore on construction last fiscal.

          “We do not have any concern on the debt front. Operational performance is leading to continuous reduction in debt and not asset sales," Chandra said.

          He noted that the company's debt-equity ratio was in a comfortable position at 0.46 per cent and is very low compared to peer groups.

          Unitech, the country's third largest realty firm, has cut debt by nearly Rs 400 crore in the first half of this fiscal.

          In 2009-10 fiscal, the company had raised about Rs 4,500 crore from qualified institutional placement of equity shares, out of which about Rs 2,200 crore was utilised to cut debt. After that reduction has been through operational cash flows.

          On sales performance, Chandra said: "We are not pricing our products too expensive that sales are affected. We should achieve sales booking of Rs 1,000 crore per quarter despite macro-economic deteriorating".

          During the first half of this fiscal, Unitech has sold 3.71 million sq ft of area, mostly residential, worth Rs 2,088 crore. The company has launched projects comprising 6 million sq ft of saleable area and more projects are in pipeline.

          Chandra said the company would not shelve its plan to develop 13 shopping malls because of the government's decision to put on hold its plans to open FDI in multi-brand retail.

          "We have nine malls under construction and we have land for another four malls. We will develop these malls," he said, adding that the the company would invest up to Rs 3,000 crore in the next five years for this.

          Unitech's share price fell by nearly eight per cent on Friday to close at Rs 19.55 on the BSE. The scrip has plunged from Rs 68.05 on January 4 this year. The market cap of company stood at Rs 5,111.24 crore.

          Date of article - Dec 2011


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            Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

            Lo magdah bhai - this is the latest
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              Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

              Wow debts exceeding assets for a few

              Seem to be inspired by " चार्वाक संहिता "


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                Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please


                Unitech may look comfortable investment to you as you are an NRI and earning lakhs 3-4 month.

                for poor indians unitech is a timebomb which they dont knwo when it will blast..


                the least normal people can do is to avoid Unitech and Emaar in current scanario.

                ur risk appetite is more because u are earning much more than normal people here do.

                not starting any fight here brother. dont want to more threads like this in coming years. (


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                  Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

                  I agree with u sir totally

                  Unitech has been below par for my expectations as well

                  All we can pray is that it gets it's house in order and show some performance before investors abandon it completely


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                    Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

                    amit001.ji' Pls help the guy out with your recommendation who posted the thread of "panic" or atleast put your comment on his thread.

                    I am sure with your excellent financial analysis capabilities you would have some solution for him...This is again a clear example of why one should never buy in DP if CLP option is available.


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                      Re : Under Construction Property In Gurgoan - Suggestions Please

                      Thanks Amit for taking it with positive attitude. In this Mad RE world , the worst thing people can do is get stuck with a real bad builder.

                      I have seen some friends who had 1st good experience in RE and earned handsome money. They became overconfident and in a hurry invested in some unreliable builder and paid 20+ lakhs . now the builder has stopped the project and not even returning the money back. These people have now lost interest in RE. these people just waste their weekend in planning how to get the money back from builder.

                      Don't know why people in Gurgaon call it RE Investment. It should be called RE trading.

                      Wish you all safe trading. pl ignore my grammer and run on sentences.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?