With all the glitzy residentail and commercial developement comming up, the administration has totally ignored is the infrastructure needs of Gurgaon. The irony lies in when you compare world class buildings like Cyber greens, Global Business Park etc with bad & choked roads, no elctricity, no security and no planning what so ever. Look at the transport network here, the government has not bothered to put in a public transport system in place even though thousands of office goers risk their life everyday traveling in unauthorised cabs and what ever they can get into.
The authority and its Babus have been busy raking in their moolah rather then look into the plight of the common man in Gurgaon. Small parcel of lands are being sold/ auctioned at sky high valuations but nobody knows where all this revenue is going?
Only god can help Gurgaon and its citizens as the administration has failed it's cause and obligations to the general public at large.
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  • Alas! Somone Said It!. It is unbelievable on how people have turned a blind eye towards these much important issues. :(

    The govt. has simply ignored such crucial issues and the people are also busy buying and selling and making their moolah. As per recent reports, Guragon seems to be loosing steam and people are moving back to Delhi.

    Gurgaon fails on all aspects. From top to bottom, everyone is skin deep corrupt and this is the true face of the New India.

  • Hear, hear. I recently visited Gurgoan, after 3 years. I would have thought that this up and coming city would by now have proper pavements for the safety of its many pedestrians..... Gurgoan has let me down. OK, I understand that traffic is on the increase, so why does the administrators of the city not do something about it. A pedestrian can be quietlly going about his or her business only to be watching their backs all the time for fear of being run over or injured. I feel I have been let down by this total lack of care for the ordinary person by Gurgaon. This could have been an ideal time for this modern city to be seen as a civilised town with some kind of order and semblence. All I want are pavements.... is that asking for too much?

    Has Gugaon not learnt any lessons from Chandigarh? There is a lot more order and hardly and chaos when it comes to walking/shopping.
  • Not only GURGAON Every emerging City

    This is the sscenarios for each and every city in India. Look @ Bangalore same condition. Property values are.More people paying taxes.
    Still the condition of Infrastructure is not upto the mak.
  • If India is to compete with the rest of the world then I think it should seriously take a leaf out of China's book, may be that will be India's wake up call, and clean up the infrasture!

    I am sure if pedestrians had some where to work on safely and drivers and other road users heeded road signs and went the same way half the problem of India's infrastructure would be solved. At the moment there does not appear to be any respect for anyone, least of pedestrians.
  • guys, for all this i think on should blame to govt as they go for sub standard quality of construction for public things like roads...that makes there business going..as every year they will issue a contract for repair..and all will be earning ....
    to a large extent the public is also to be blamd..for the cleanliness..as no on bothers about keping it clean..
  • You are absolutely right about people being so careless about not keeping their environment clean. It's a case of "not in my back garden". I actually saw a learned man (you could tell by his demenour and the large car he owned) eat a takeaway, throw the food container on the ground, got into his car and drove off!
  • We Indians ALWAYS like to blame someone ELSE!


    Did the Government FORCE us to buy in these areas?

    Did anyone buying in the boom-boom times (was that only a year ago?) spend a minute to organise other buyers to NOT buy till the builders / local govt get the infrastructure right?

    You see, the ACTUAL cause for this messy situation is OUR greed (buy before it goes up so that we can make a killing) as also our FEAR (buy before it runs away - this particular story is still being flogged by some people in this forum).

    So, why blame the Government (whenever it is convenient)? Govt has its faults. But asking is to buy in undeveloped areas is not one of them!!! In fact how many times have people bought in UNAUTHORISED areas and forced Govt to post-facto authorise them? Who is to blame for that?

    I agree with Arin. I took the example of Mantri Classic in Bangalore - a real hot property in Bangalore's Koramangala (btw, I don't live in Koramangala in case people think I'm touting it; also btw Koramangala is falling the earliest and fastest).

    I believe that these areas with palaces built in the midst of jungles (or worse) will take the biggest hit. The reason why inner city properties have the most recession resistance is that they have the best infrastructure, are nearest to our main source of income (jobs) and social interaction (shopping :) and have grown slowly and steadily.

  • Strange is the way political parties operate here in india (no doubt there is the dearth of educated people in it). Wherein case like this is fit enough to be raked up by opposition, they go after unimportant Dhranas and talk about Nuclear issues.

    The ordinary people have to rise to organise awareness through media, creating pressure group to highlight the basic neglect by the city municipality and the state govt, and, strikes if required.

    Unfortunately we expect lord Krishna to appear everytime to rescue us from our woes.
  • I completely agree about the pathetic states of the sidewalks, especially Bangalore , after 10 yrs abroad and after being sold on the net on the "luxury apartments" nonsense , we were shocked out of our wits to see what was really on offer in Bangalore . With a 18 month old baby our stroller /pram broke on the 5th day of our taking him out for a walk on the horrendous footpaths of the city . Mantri greens maybe coveted property , infact we saw some of their apartments in Malleswaram . What hits the eye is the lack of finish, if you stand in the lobby and look out of the window, you will see the sides and back of the building splattered with paan stain of the construction workers and undone paint work, when I spend 85 lakhs - 1 crore on a house I'm looking for a complete environment not just the flat i am living in. This is true of most of these builders.

    You cannot step out of the building premises without a car because as soon as you are outside the compound of the building you are directly on the Sampige main road which is teeming with a continuous flow of traffic so much so that its dangerous to cross the road by foot .
    I find that in India nobody cares about the importance of pavements , you have flower and fruit vendors right there and at the end of the day their rotting unsold stuff is simply discarded on the pavements, what one is actually doing is avoiding all the filth and its more like a trek than a stroll on the pavements .

    Its certainly the job of the civic authorities to ensure that pavements and sidewalks are well laid out and strictly used for pedestrians , we dont have the roads with the vehicular traffic and we dont have pavements which serve the flower/fruit vendors and also double up as open drains , what are the pedestrians expected to do, fly from one spot to another??
    The buiders on their part are just mindlessly erecting structures. Abroad (even some of the poorer South east asian countries) all builders ensure quality pavements, dustbins etc are well provided and MAINTAINED and create a total living environment that the investor can experience . Must say this whole indian experience has left us very disillusioned :(
  • Two options: Leave the country. Or wait for 50 years to see a difference.
  • Sure ! What a solution, this apathy and acceptance of mediocrity is whats so unique to our lot . Recently , after Diwali KEB was at its load shedding best when my spouse picked up the and gave the JE an earful, the next five minutes the power was back . Rather than asking citizens to leave the country dont you think its more sensible to get together and STOP ACCEPTING MEDIOCRITY !!!!!!!
  • I am practical. I dont expect 10 million Delhiwalas to change just to oblige me.

    I myself stay here, having chosen not to migrate out despite having had the choice. Its my country, you see.

    You may not accept mediocrity, but your countrymen will. Change will take time and will be slow (especially with sotic Congress in charge)

    The second option of 50 years for a measurable change is always there :-)
  • Agree with venkytalks...

    I believe letting the britishers go was not a good idea at all!

    Look at the following work done by British:
    1. Township planning of Lutyens delhi!
    2. The extensive railway network laid down across the country
    3. All the major towns have underground sewer and water distribution lines created by British
    4. The Kolkata Metro and tramways..
    5. In most big cities the most posh colonies are the ones designed by British town planning experts
    6. Everyone will agree that the India as a country is run by administrative services cadre like IAS, IFS, IES etc. the standards of working bureucracy was designed and implemented by Britishers which has worked quite well even after such a long time

    Ah! look at Hongkong and other british owned areas to get an idea of what India could have been under british.

    As regards freedom.. Most indian "general category" people would rather be discriminated against by britsh executives rather than indian political system which does absolutely nothing for the middle class citizens...
  • Amit, you may have stated facts.

    But remember, a rat may have a beautiful cage with all the food, exercise cycle and a mate provided to it. It will still try to escape into a sewer where it can roam free.

    That is the magic of freedom and I would rather have freedom than a beautiful city.

    PRoblem is, we as a country are also weak. Countries like China and Pakistan are out to try to destroy it and take away our freedom.

    The dirty and dysfunctional cities are a symptom of a deeper disease of non-performing governance. China is busy encouraging Mao terrorists to destabilise and destroy.

    Stupidity in one area is indicative of stupidity in other areas - that is my fear.
  • Short term gain w.r.t to Money is the only thing that we Indian understand because may be tommorrow we may not get a chance ...
    and that cause a stress on the system or may be no system at all .

    That is the plight of the Whole nation .