With all the glitzy residentail and commercial developement comming up, the administration has totally ignored is the infrastructure needs of Gurgaon. The irony lies in when you compare world class buildings like Cyber greens, Global Business Park etc with bad & choked roads, no elctricity, no security and no planning what so ever. Look at the transport network here, the government has not bothered to put in a public transport system in place even though thousands of office goers risk their life everyday traveling in unauthorised cabs and what ever they can get into.
The authority and its Babus have been busy raking in their moolah rather then look into the plight of the common man in Gurgaon. Small parcel of lands are being sold/ auctioned at sky high valuations but nobody knows where all this revenue is going?
Only god can help Gurgaon and its citizens as the administration has failed it's cause and obligations to the general public at large.
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  • Originally Posted by gaurav1979gupta
    Short term gain w.r.t to Money is the only thing that we Indian understand because may be tommorrow we may not get a chance ...
    and that cause a stress on the system or may be no system at all .

    That is the plight of the Whole nation .

    what are the neo gandhis doing.....? What happens to Sonia's italian experience or is it true she never sees outside her air conditioned car or if she does see out of it....she could not care less as long as Rahul in the name only Gandhi gets to keep power in delhi in couple of years...