What are prospects of DLF new town heights in GUrgaon sector 86, 90 and 91. How much prise rise is expected in next 5 years ?
Will it be a decent place to live in next 3 years - on launch ?

Wanted to know views of you people.
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  • I own a flat in sec-91 project

    I am also curious to know the prospects.
    I have visited the site few months back. It was scary to think of investign so much money in paddy fields. I have put in. But I am still wary.

    Not sure if anyone would like to stay in there after 3 years.

  • Prospects are good only thing the time frame of 3 years is very very less for place like that it would certainly make sense if you guys have a view of 5-8 years at least any less and it would be wrong choice to live as well as a worst choice of investments ,when i first wrote on this site inflation was 9 % today its 12 and 14 is sure to come any investment at this point of time is certainly a favour to the sellers as intrest rate would surely go to 12 -14 % and home loan rates at 13- 16 %
  • Hello, I am also curious to know about the prospects of New town heights, specially the new townhouses that are planned right now.
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