In next 3-5 years approximately 2-3 Lakh appartments would be coming for possession in these areas. This would translate into massive movement of families in these areas. Since most of the discussion has been happening around price,infra,connectivity, I thought of starting this thread to understand the ground level report of Water and Electricity availability in these areas.

As much I know already Gurgaon is grappling with severe water and electricity crises then how would this city take the load of additional population . Most of the water is drawn from underground reserves which is almost depleting by 1 meter every year. Most of the reservoirs around gurgaon have long dried up and sooner or later they will be converted into commercial or residential projects.

Further more since most of the new projects have been constructed (especially in Sohna road) without proper sewage disposal system, currently it is polluting the water content of the region terribly. There is severe risk of water borne diseases going forward if this issue is not addressed.

Is there a plan to connect gurgaon via canal (like Sonia Vihar Pipeline for South Delhi) ? I am not much aware of it. How has local administration planned to take care of additional power requirement of the new projects.
Since most of the projects are now coming with VRV(Gcx) I am sure they would need hell of a doze of power.
Diesel and Petrol price and supply is only going to move inversely going forward. So how long would these projects survive on power back up through generators.

Would request member to update/share info as per following to make this thread more meaningful and one stop reference point for existing and future buyers of RE in gurgaon.

Project Name & Sector :-
Location :- NPR/SPR/GCX/Dew/NH-8
Drainage/Sewage Line :- Yes/NO/By When
Power Supply :- Source/Future plans
Water Supply :- Ground Water/MCG Supply/Plans/Linkage
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  • I am glad to see this discussion happening on the forum...people who are living here or have lived here know the truth of this multinational city.....death knell is around the corner if nothing is not done soon to save Gurgaon
  • India Power secures distribution licence for Gurgaon

    India Power secures distribution licence for Gurgaon
    By Debjoy Sengupta, ET Bureau | 23 May, 2014, 12.23PM ISTPost a Comment

    Kolkata-based India Power Corporation has bagged the licence for distributing power in Gurgaon and is aiming to serve one fourth of subscribers in the Delhi suburb, which is plagued by prolonged power cuts.

    KOLKATA: Kolkata-based India Power Corporation has bagged the licence for distributing power in Gurgaon and is aiming to serve one fourth of subscribers in the Delhi suburb, which is plagued by prolonged power cuts. The company is planning to set up its own distribution network in Gurgaon and invest about Rs 1,500 crore to supply power round-the-clock, a person familiar with the development said.

    "We have the financial backing to source power from the exchanges and supply to them all round the day, thus reducing downtime to nearly 99% from 50% at present," said Sidharth Mehta, Chief Executive of India Power.

    Gurgaon is currently served by Haryana Dakshin Vidyut Bijlee Nigam and consumers face power cuts of 13-14 hours a day, Mehta said, adding that during blackouts subscribers use diesel generators and every unit of power costs Rs 12-14.

    "At present, our application for supplying power in Gurgaon has been accepted and the public hearing is due in a few days. After the public hearing, we can decide on the supply schedule in the city. Our main aim would be to supply uninterrupted power 24x7," Mehta said.

    According to people familiar with the matter, the state utility in Gurgaon is not in a position to buy the quantum of power required to supply in the region, which consumes 450-500 MW. In West Bengal, the company is aiming to supply power at lower rates than what is charged by the state utility. It is looking to buy cheaper power from Damodar Valley Corporation as well as the power exchange to beat the rates being offered by the state utility in Asansol region.

    It is setting up its own distribution network for domestic consumption and is looking at a customer base of about 20,000 households by 2015.

    "We already have an industrial consumer base of about 1,000 and the company's transmission and distribution loss is among the lowest at 2.2%. Until now, we have received applications for some 500 households. We will be investing about Rs 180 crore to build our own distribution network," said Mehta.

    In Asansol, the state utility sells power at an average of Rs 6.58 per unit, while India Power is targeting Rs 6.13 per unit. The company is also in the process of setting up units to produce 3,150 MW at a lower cost by the end of next year.
  • Gurgaon Citizens Council Moves Administration on Private Developer Facilities in Gurgaon


    Gurgaon Citizens Council Moves Administration on Private Developer Facilities in Gurgaon.

    Another step by awakened citizens and RWAs of Gurgaon towards making Gurgaon one of the best cities in the country.

    RWAs may submit their key points by tomorrow as explained in the proceedings of minutes of meeting between the DC gurgaon, Officers, RWA representatives, Colonisers on 29th may 14

    Any RWA can raise two important issues before 5.6.2014 to the City Magistrate / Sr.Town Planner , Gurgaon

  • Gurgaon Citizens Council Moves Administration on Private Developer Facilities in Gurgaon

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  • This was long long desired in this millennium city...great news and a good start
  • SOS to Chandigarh: Gurgaon is drowning in its own garbage

    SOS to Chandigarh: Gurgaon is drowning in its own garbage - The Times of India

    SOS to Chandigarh: Gurgaon is drowning in its own garbage

    Praveen Jose,TNN | Dec 3, 2014, 03.14 AM IST
    GURGAON: The city is drowning in its own garbage. This wouldn't appear like exaggeration once someone sees the 6 lakh metric tonnes mountain of garbage along the Gurgaon-Faridabad toll road which is taller than the majestic Aravalis in the background.

    Every day the city generates more than 500 metric tonnes (MT) of solid waste but in the last one year none of that has been processed as per the norms. That's not it. Around 400 MT garbage from Faridabad is also dumped here on a daily basis. To make the matters worse, all the waste has been disposed in and around the dysfunctional Bandhwari treatment plant on the foothills of Aravali, leading to not only environmental hazard but also an epidemic threat.

    In November 2013, the plant had caught fire and was abandoned by its operator AKC Developer. After this, one full year has been wasted in the blame game by the civic authorities and the operator. Only few days back did the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) and Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) decide to blacklist AKC Developer and hire a consultant to invite tenders for a new operator.

    On Tuesday, MCG wrote a letter seeking urgent intervention from top bureaucrats in Chandigarh to defuse what a local official called "the garbage bomb". The letter would be dispatched to Chandigarh as soon as new MCG commissioner Vikas Gupta joins the office.

    "In last few months, no major civic development took place because of two subsequent elections — Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. Now, solid waste treatment should be the first priority of the new commissioner. The Bandhwari plant is spread across 30.5 acres of land. While it is allowed to use 12 acres as landfill site for processed waste, 18.5 acres is eco-sensitive zone where no dumping should take place. But as of now, all 30.5 acres is filled with hazardous untreated garbage," said a senior MCG official.

    MCF official Ram Parkash, who is familiar with the garbage treatment operations, said, "The leachate which is seeping into the ground is contaminating ground water and is serious threat for wildlife in the Aravalis."

    MCG sanitary inspector Anil Nain said, "The entire area is plagued by animals and birds feeding on toxic garbage. The stench and vermin is so bad that one can't drive from this stretch with windows open. My worst fear is that of epidemic."

    Speaking to TOI, former MCF chief Suprabha Dahiya said, "We had blacklisted AKC Developer in November. It was finalized by the state government that EY will advise on inviting new tenders and upgrading the plant." However, she was relieved of her duties on November 26.

    Now it remains to be seen if the new guard at both MCG and MCF will act timely and decisively.
  • "Energising Gurgaon Through Solar"

    Initiative by GURGAON FIRST


    Gurgaon First brings to you a workshop that aims to help Gurgaon improve its sustainability quotient and reduce its pollution levels through adoption of solar energy.

    Gurgaon First is enthused by the recent policy moves of the Haryana State Government to improve solar power in the state. Haryana has recently brought out a visionary Solar policy as well an Order making it mandatory for buildings of a certain size to have solar installations. As a progressive city, Gurgaon has an immense role to play towards solarisation of Haryana. End users including house owners, RWAs, plants and office and other buildings need a lot of clarity on the policy, incentives and options for the switch to solar.

    To achieve this objective, Gurgaon First is organising a half-a-day workshop on "Energising Gurgaon Through Solar" on February 25, 2015 at Auditorium, Artemis Hospital, Sector 51 , Gurgaon. We are expecting 150 delegates to be present at the Meet. The workshop will have three sessions and will conclude with Lunch. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

    Participants will need to pre-register to attend the workshop at

    A detailed brochure is attached.

    Look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

    Gurgaon First