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3cr in GCx - please advise

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3cr in GCx - please advise

Last updated: May 26 2012
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  • 3cr in GCx - please advise

    Dear IREF members,

    First of all, let me complement all the contributors of this forum. Each and every one of you -- there is a lot to learn by reading this forum. Regardless of the budget, location, individual requirements and several other factors, each and every posting gives me a chance to reflect and help gauge the pulse of the market - or individual psychology at a minimum. I am very thankful for such insight.

    I seek advice on making an investment in GCx road with a 3cr budget, as I believe this location has a great potential if one can hold for 5 years or until completion. I understand there are usual suspects on this road but I would like to inform that I already own VV, Skyon and Araya so I am looking to diversify outside of these. If you have any good recommendations please let me know.

    Thanks to all in advance.

    Think Big and you will be!
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    Re : 3cr in GCx - please advise

    Go for IREO Plots...You won't regret..!!


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      Re : 3cr in GCx - please advise

      Thanks you, Mihith

      I am glad you mentioned Plots. It get me thinking into a whole new direction in terms of return on capital.

      Let me give you an example. I bought VV at around 5250 in June/July 2010 timeframe. So far, I have only made 3 payments( I own 3BR, 2500sf, in a midrise near tower C). Now, I am getting ofers for about 7800 psf. That a temendous return on my investment after almost 2 years.

      With plots however your may pay the entire amount in 2 years - I imagine the payments go faster but I may be wrong. So, the ROI may not be as high.

      What say you ?



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        Re : 3cr in GCx - please advise

        You are right about the payment schedule. 40% payment will go very fast. But after that it will take at least 3 yrs.

        I think that till now the gurgaon market was excellent and has given the maximum returns. But right now gurgaon market is full of new opportunities. You can see the oversupply of new properties in near future. People who entered the market at the right time will definitely get their fair share. But we are talking about entering the market now. In the present scenario, we should be looking for some property which is based on different concept. I think that if we were to compare flats with plots in today's market situation then plots will give better returns. Five years from now, you will have abundance of apartments in comparison of plots. Plus Ireo city is based on a unique concept. Plots are limited. You will definitely get a good return.

        Just my POV.


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          Re : 3cr in GCx - please advise


          You may be right. They don't make "land" anymore. Plots have traditionally been a great vehicle for real estate investment and have given great returns for most part. Apartments are a relatively newer concept and more prevalent in high density cities. Gurgaon, I guess, seems to be trending towards becoming one of the sought after high density cities. Let's wait and watch.


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            Re : 3cr in GCx - please advise

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