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The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

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The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

Last updated: September 10 2012
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  • The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

    Are there any Real Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon?

    We have heard about ITC’s Laburnum, Ambience Groups Lagoon Apartments and then Beverly hills.

    Are there any more out there? I just came across this information that a super luxury complex is coming up on the Golf Course Road. (Main Sector Road, Gurgaon).

    Till now builders have been talking very loosely about Luxury Apartments, but this company has been claiming that this is actually going to be Super Luxury. The background of the Developers (Salcon) is that they have been building high end apartments in Posh areas like Vasant Vihar, Anand Niketan & Shanti Niketan etc. (Premium Colonies of South Delhi). The standards of quality are set because of the kind of clientele, which includes Diplomats form various Embassies to Very High Net worth individuals, so The Verandahs is actually going to be changing the Quality Standards of Gurgaon. Not to mention that it is located on one of the most sought after locations in Gurgaon-The Golf Course Road.
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    Re : The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

    Interested in investment

    Wow!!! Verandahs sounds good.

    Your post definitely identifies the credentials of the developer (which is a difficult task to ascertain these days). Thanks for that.

    I'm really interested to know more about it as I'm planning an investment in India this year - and what better place than Gurgaon. Can you help me with the details of the Super luxury project or should I forward to for a quicker service.

    Thanks to the indianrealestateforum TEAM for providing such a nice platform.
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      Re : The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

      Luxury Homes - the new trend

      Its true that luxury homes like 'Verandahs' in Gurgaon will surely be the icing on the cake for high-end investors who would want to spend their hard-earned money on quality investments.

      Luxury is the new buzzword among India’s huge and fast expanding middle class. With burgeoning income, people in the cities prefer to live life king-size. And one of the latest inclusions in the list is of luxury homes. What was a niche barely a few years ago is about to burst at its seams.

      A house today is not only meant for living but also exudes the lifestyle and style statement of an individual. Especially with the growing economy, exposure levels of people have grown very high and globe trotting professionals want something more than just an apartment. With the growing affluent society there is a surge in demand for luxury homes comprising international facilities like Jacuzzi, spa, clubs, swimming pools, tennis court, centrally air-conditioned homes, and many such facilities.

      The trend of luxury homes was started a few years back with the ITC project Laburnum in Gurgaon. The idea of this high-end product was then picked up by the Sahara Group which came up with Sahara Grace in Gurgaon.

      Luxury homes are considered niche product, so their prices are considerably quite high and are therefore marketed for exclusively for prospective high-end clients.

      Super premium housing in India is on a high-growth trajectory if the developer’s interest in the segment is any indication. Growing at 25-30 per cent, luxury housing has already grabbed a 10 per cent of the housing market in value terms. Analysts say that, although the country has seen an unmatched surge in demand, the market for this segment is growing at a feverish pitch.


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        Re : The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

        High end apartments in Gurgaon

        As someone who has been watching the Real estate space, I can definitively comment about the subject.

        So far, most developers add the most basic things like power backup, some fancy light hangings etc. and brand them lucury.

        I have seen the product offering that is planned and proposed for the Verandahs, and I am really impressed. I have evaluated it in comparison to the other projects in the vicinity.

        All I can say is that the other projects are just everaging their brand name and charging more.... not really offering something lucurious in the true sense.

        I would like to be of assistance if someone is keen to understand the methodology of our evaluation.



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          Re : The Verandahs (Golf Course Road) Gurgaon

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