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Apartment or Plot in Gurgaon CLOSED

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Apartment or Plot in Gurgaon CLOSED

Last updated: June 17 2012
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  • Apartment or Plot in Gurgaon CLOSED

    There are some existing threads on this topic but I want to have a different discussion especially with respect to Gurgaon. Hence a new thread.

    I want to understand the following:

    a. In Gurgaon, there is a specific FAR allowed on plots which is about 1.45 times for smaller plots and 1.2 times for larger ones. This means that a specific maximum area can be constructed on a plot. While comparing Apartments and plots, we find:
    Apartments provide benefits like security, good infrastructure, brand value and power backup. Plots provide benefits like ownership of land, personal garden, flexibility of design [and reconstruction if required] and even power backup can be arranged thru gensets in larger plots. Now, all plots can be sold floor wise so one has the option of arranging funds at time of distress by selling a floor and continuing to use the balance area of the plot.

    Question: While comparing the price of an apartment with that of a fully constructed plot [for discussion, lets assume a 160 yard HUDA plot on which about 2500sq ft can be constructed], should both prices be same or should there be some difference? Which one should generally be higher? I find plots have more benefits but apartments are more expensive.

    b. Within plots, generally smaller plots are more expensive per sq yard as compared to larger ones. [assuming a similar location]. However, larger plots are generally smaller in number in any sector which should mean smaller supply and consequently higher price per sq yard. Pl comment. Also pl advise on how much price difference per sq yard there should be between a smaller and larger plot assuming a similar location.
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    Re : Apartment or Plot in Gurgaon CLOSED

    Hi. Any views?


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      Re : Apartment or Plot in Gurgaon CLOSED

      i hv invested in G99 plots ...

      the price diff for small and larger plot is not much.

      smaller size .. say upto 350 sq yds is resold for approx 52k psy and larger plots at 50 k psy.

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