Hi Friends,
I booked a 2BHK flat in Avalon Rangoli Dharuheda, around 3 months back.
Yesterday I received 3rd demand letter along with increased EDC/IDC charge, from Rs 200 to Rs 350. Rs 350 was the new EDC rate mentioned in the increased booking price around 2 months back, but now it has been imposed at old bookings as well.

I have asked various questions for the clarification around it, but as of now it seems Avalon is not interested in providing clear response.

Can senior members suggest me if this is valid to increase EDC charge for the old bookings as well? Avalon was already having clause of EDC/IDC tentative increase in initial letter.

Also want to know how EDC is calculated (why Rs 350, why not Rs 250?)?
Just want to make sure that it is valid increase and also we are not paying more than required.

Earliest response/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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  • File an RTI to DTCP asking for the exact rates for this project. That should give you a rough idea about the EDC/sqft that you should be paying. EDC distribution sometime changes if the township plan changes, but I doubt that builders like Avalon would decrease anything.

    Do you have your BBA with allotment of the unit #, floor plan etc? If not, then get that as soon as possible.
  • @rahul40
    I booked in tower A8, 10th floor @29.52 L basic.

    I am visiting to their office on this Saturday to met their senior accountant and get answer of various questions I have raised. I will also check the construction status.

    Interesting part is that EDC was increased in revised rate of Avalon around 2 months back, but then never bothered to inform old buyers. Now they have issued the demand letter with less than 2.5 week of payment deadline.

    Thanks for giving the direction. I will file an RTI after meeting with Avalon. I am going for BBA on this Saturday.
  • Rahul,
    This rate is after 4% dealer discount, so you can calculate the actual rate based on this. After my purchase, 2L was increased as well around 2 months back.

    Good point about construction start. I will check with them.
  • Keep on arguing with them, ofcourse by reasoning and not raising your voice. I have seen that this strategy works better than losing your kool in the company's office?
  • @djvjain: You are right. I was following up with ERA for different issue and learned a lot in 1.5 months of daily followup. ERA has worst customer care I have ever seen.
    Avalon is still good as per my observation till now.

    @rahul/djvjain: For your reference, I have attached the price list of Avalon Rangoli Dharuheda.

    avalon_daruhera_price list_ORIGINAL: Rates, on which I did booking.
    avalon_daruhera_price list_REVISED: New rates published around 2 months back.

    @rahul: Do you have launching rate list, if yes, can you please share with me?
  • Did you get any discount on top of this? Also, what is the position of BBA? You actually don't have an allotted unit till you get that. If you don't have this then it would be difficult for you to take them to court too because there is no concrete contract between the two parties. What is the loading for 2 Bhk and expect them to increase the super area again at the time of possession.

    All the builders are like this in terms of poor customer service. All the communication happens till you make a deal and nothing after that.
  • Rahul. Still I would like to know the price. I have seen the website and construction, & going to discuss during my visit.

    djvjain, price mentioned is the discounted one, actual is mentioned in price list attached by me in previous thread. I have the allotted unit and it is mentioned in all the demand letters. I am going for BBA tomorrow.
  • Right, this might not be a good deal. Probably due to the time when I purchased (at launch stage avg builders give a good discount), my first deal in property, limited time I had... But I covered it in next deal :-)

    I got call for BBA. Since their office is close to my house, so thought of going there. Also would help me to get answer of all open questions I have.
  • 1 of my friend booked with Avalon in Bhiwadi ... he had to get this booking cancelled because of some bad issue with the builder....what exactly .. i dont know .. but according to him the company is a kind of non professional and using un-ethical practise.
  • @kapilsoft, can you check and provide more details? I am interested in knowing that.
    Also what loss he faced while cancelling?
  • I have visited the site. Construction of A1, A2, A5, A6, A8 has been started, so demand is valid.
  • Few updates:
    - Approx 2L price is going to increase from 26-Jul.
    - Their site is not updated. Even customer care will inform you about the correct construction status. I have taken the number of one of the site person, to have regular and correct construction update.

    Calculation they mentioned about EDC/IDC is given below (they have not given me detailed information):

    Goverment rate of EDC: 23403600 per acre
    Total Area that can be developed: 1 acre * 4840 (sqy covered) * 9 (sqf) * 1.75 (FAR) = 76230 sqf
    Government EDC rate PSF: 23403600/76230 = Rs 307.01

    IDC: Rs 13433000
    IDC PSF= Rs 24
    **IDC total area 559708.33

    Interest = Rs 19
    Total = 307 + 24 + 19 = 350

    **F.A.R. (Floor area ratio) is the ratio of total building floor area to the area of the plot.
    **Builder is paying to Huda on Built up area 'permitted' as per FAR.

    There was no change in rate from government. If EDC is calculated on permitted area as per FAR, it was known since long back. Not sure why it was disclosed to buyers so late?
  • Buyer shouldn't bear the burden of interest as it is a mistake done from builder's side. Also, apply for RTI at DTCP office and see how much builder is suppose to pay and had paid till date.
  • Dear Yogi Ji.....kindly see the rules....no advertising please....
    hold on to the investment for 6 months , will get u around atleast 5-6 lac premium, unless u need urgent funds

  • Originally Posted by malikd
    Dear Yogi Ji.....kindly see the rules....no advertising please....
    hold on to the investment for 6 months , will get u around atleast 5-6 lac premium, unless u need urgent funds


    Thanks malik jee for suggestion .. koi resale chal raha hain avalon mein , becuase i want to move out from this project.. required un urgent funds..