How are Bestect Park View (1 BHK in 50 Lacs) and ANSAL Celebrity Homes(1 BHK in 60 Lacs) in Palam Vihar Gurgaon for end user point of view.

Experts please help on this and if someone is living in those apartments how are the following in those areas:
1) Security
2) Water Availability
3) Electricity and Power Backup
4) Transportation
5) Price appreciation
6) Ease of Disposal in case I need to sell in near future.
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  • Celebrity suites will be a better option....

    Living wise , as it is situated in the middle with facilities like p back up and all
  • Amit,
    at 60 lacs would it be wise to put my money in Celebrity Suites.The area is also 100 sq ft bigger than parkview however the building structure looks very very old from outside.
  • What is the carpet area with both of these units?
  • better go for park view residency as it gives you better feeling as a society have option as of like swimming pool/gym/full power backup, good maintenance and grocery shops within society.
    No doubt it is little deep inside, but at the same time sir it is 10 lakhs lesser then celebrity homes……… my vote goes to park view
  • Ansal's Celebrity is an old construction. My bet is on Best Tech Park View but one more fact..Proposed Metro will be near from the celebrity homes and there is a proposed underpass near the railway track which will connect to the dwarka expressway in future (not sure news based on rumours) but still considering the quality of apartments and society..will go for best tech park view.
  • ANSAL Celebrity Homes should give you better appreciation... my POV.
  • Originally Posted by djvjain
    What is the carpet area with both of these units?

    Park view has Super area 650 and Celebrity has 750 sq ft.Rooms are bigger in Celebrity but Building looks very bad from outside.
  • Originally Posted by ashokyadav
    ANSAL Celebrity Homes should give you better appreciation... my POV.

    1 BHK in 60 lacs is already highly priced how much more appreciation it can get?
  • Are there smaller sized studio apartment also available in cosmos, Palam Vihar,
    I heard that there is a size of around 400 sq ft also available at around 33-35 lacs.
    What is the scope of appreciation in these studio apartments, I have seen the Bestech park view apartments, the carpet area is pretty small. I think they are decent from rental angle but chances of captial appreciation are less.
  • Bestech park view is well maintained society. Security, water and electricity is all good. You can buy that.

    Saving of 10 L is imp but you are getting 100sqft less as well. So 50 and 60 should not be only basis of comparison

    The prices have already appreciated sharply. Do you really see a lot of upside from here....
  • Why don't you look at 2 BHK in kendriya vihar if old constrction is not an issue.
    Registry is allowed now. you would feel cramped in 1 bhk.
  • can you get 2 bhk at 45 lkhs RTM
  • 2-3rd floor 2 BHK in kendriya vihar with no lifts may be available in 50 lakh range.
    It was available 3-4 months back; I don't know about the present prices.
    Brokers tend to jack up the prices; it would be good if you get a direct party.
  • It already touched 70 lacs as per 99
  • Nothing is selling at 70 lacs; only issue is that there are very few 2 BHK units on sale.
    If you don't have parents staying with you;then focus on 2nd floor without lift . Try to get a direct party; you may get it below 60.