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Since we have been visiting sites of multiple projects, can somebody from the group throw some light on this....
This would help us decide which underconstruction projects will be delayed
Also I guess most of us would have talked to our builders on their construction plans ...did anybody discussed about this with their builders.

Also, are any builders/projects planning to implement any additional charges (or increasing the charges) for the same.
Which in turn would increase the final cost of the unit.

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  • According to officials, all residential units with a covered area of 100 square metre or above will have to harvest rainwater. The directions in this regard have been issued by Gurgaon district Magistrate PC Meena. This assumes significance since the town has been facing acute water shortage for the last couple of months and the recent order of the Punjab and Haryana High Court prohibited builders from using groundwater for construction activities.

    Twenty teams of officers have been constituted for implementing the new orders. "Supervisory officers will be held responsible for non-implementation of orders or any other violation of the prescribed norms. Superintending Engineer of HUDA and Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) have been appointed for overall execution of the plan in their respective zones," Meena said.

    According to him, the panchayats have been appointed in-charge for all villages in Gurgaon. Similarly, the joint director of District Industries Centre (DIC) will be the overall in-charge for constructions in industrial areas in the city. A committee comprising hydrologists will compile their progress report and will submit the consolidated report to the Deputy Commissioner's office for discussion in the meeting of District Advisory Committee every first week of the month.

    "For speedy disposal of the applications, the teams will have to grant permission within 10 days for rainwater harvesting system. They will ensure that the system is exclusively used for only recharging groundwater aquifers and not for abstracting groundwater or any other purpose. The applicants will have to give an undertaking along with the application showing the complete address of registered owner of boring machine or agency before starting the boring of injection tubewell for the system," he added.
  • No official information from developers and HUDA.
    Matter is still pending in HC
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  • Understanding consumption pattern of water vis a vis construction stage :

    The stages of construction can be broadly classified as a) excavation/ foundation laying b) structure construction , c) finishing .The water during construction is used for the following categories of activities and is mapped against the stage of construction.

    1. Site Cabins/Temporary Accommodation ( common throughout )

    Toilets, catering, washing (personnel)

    2. General Site Activities ( common but intensive during excavation/ foundation, structure construction )
    Tool washing

    3. Wet Trades ( largely during excavation/ foundation, structure construction )
    Core Boring
    Lightweight Roofing
    Ceramic Tile
    Bentonite Mixing

    4. Groundworks ( largely during excavation / foundation stage )

    5. Cleaning ( common but intensive during excavation/ foundation, structure construction )
    Cleaning Tools and Small Equipment
    Plant and Equipment

    Paintbrush Washing

    6. Dust Suppression ( common but intensive during excavation/ foundation, structure construction )

    General, site roads, wheel washes
    Hydro-demolition with high pressure water

    7. Other Cleaning activities ( common but intensive during excavation/ foundation, structure construction )

    Ready mixed concrete wagons
    Site / general cleaning
    Specialist / high pressure cleaning

    8. Commissioning & Test ( finsishing stages )

    Building plant/services

    So bulk of water consumption happens during the excavation/ foundation stage & structure construction stage . finishing requires water but is significantly lower than other stages . Only exception is projects requiring golf course which guzzle water like crazy . For them even finishing stages will have large water consumption.

    So what does it mean :

    Since there is a court directive to monitor all the borewells being used by the Builders and to shut down the borewells which are not licenced , if the same is strictly enforced, then as mentioned by rushil bhai it will impact almost everyone as this is the only source of water currently for all the builders. So they need to source it through HUDS recycled water or hire tankers from Faridabad / noida and other areas.
    The project to suffer most will be ones where excavation is just going to start , followed by projects where structure are being constructed . Projects where structures are more or less complete and is in finishing stages will be least impacted.

    The only permanent solution can be if the pipeling is laid between the recycled water source and the sites. the tender for them has been planned and hence it is quite some time away ( atleast 2 years ). If that is the case then only means available to these builders is to bypass the court restrictions ( extremely risky if caught ) or get tankers from other regions not under court restriction.

    Please understand the stage of the construction of the project & builders ability to fund the cost of extra cost of water, that can be a good starting point. The more advanced stage of construction & the sound


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