Hello all,

I am looking for a 3 BR flat in a project called Tulip Orange by Tulip Group, coming up in Sec 69 - 70 in Gurgaon.

I need some help from all of you regarding the history of Tulip Group, location and price of flats, their possession. Also shed some light on the pros and cons related to the group.

If any one has some bad or good experiences with Tulip Group, please share.

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  • Gurgaon Woman Saves Many Before Dying in Fire at Highrise

      Notably, the nearest fire station is 12 km away, and the Haryana government is yet to build fire stations in Gurugram’s new sectors.

      Gurugram: A 32-year-old woman died of asphyxia after a fire broke out in a highrise tower in Gurugram on Sunday night—but not before alerting others to safety.

      Swati Garg knocked on the doors of residents to warn them of the fire that broke out in an electrical shaft on the ground floor of a tower at Tulip Orange condominium in Sector 69 around 2 am, the TOI reported.

      Firefighters found her lying unconscious near the terrace door almost an hour after the blaze started.

      Police said she died before reaching the hospital.

      “The electricity went off after the fire started, so lifts did not work, and the staircase was the only way to leave the building,” Vikas Ranjan, former RWA president of Tulip Orange, told The Indian Express.

      Gurugram police commissioner KK Rao said a case under section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code was registered at Badshahpur police station against the developer and the maintenance agency.

      The residents were left to fend for themselves since the fire brigade took almost 45 minutes to arrive.

      Notably, the nearest fire station is 12 km away, and the Haryana government is yet to build fire stations in Gurugram’s new sectors.

      Around 200 residents live in about 40 flats in the tower where the fire started. The society has 11 such towers, comprising around 500 flats.


  • This is the saddest news of the day.
  • More safety equipment, measures in Tulip on cards to avert blaze Rohit E David | TNN | Oct 12, 2018, 02:52 IST

    Picture for representational purpose only.

    GURUGRAM: Tulip Orange RWA has decided to take measures such as replacing solid terrace doors with grilles and installing battery-powered emergency lights on the staircase to ensure safety of residents after a 33-year-old woman died of asphyxiation in a fire on Sunday night. Swati Garg had rushed upstairs to alert other residents but choked and collapsed next to a locked gate leading to a terrace.

    Binu Nair, general secretary, Tulip Orange RWA, said, “All terrace doors in the society will be replaced with grille doors. The gaps will ensure that smoke can pass through these doors in case a fire breaks out again. Moreover, the latch of the door will be at at a height of at least six feet so that kids cannot go through these doors without adult supervision.”

    The society has also decided that terrace doors will not be locked and plans to buy high beam torches and manual hooters. A check list on fire safety measures, audits on a monthly basis, providing hammers for breaking glass shields around fire alarms in case of emergency, covering ventilator shafts and staircases with grilles are also on the cards.

    On Sunday, the electricity lines supplying power to the staircase had been damaged due to the fire, which had made it difficult for Swati and her husband to reach the other floors to alert residents. “I remember running out of my apartment and it was pitch dark. The power supply had snapped at around 2.15am,” said Girish Garg, the husband.

    The society has taken notice of this issue and will install battery-powered emergency lights on the staircase. “There will be emergency lights on each floor to ensure residents don’t face any trouble if the power supply is cut off,” Nair said.

    Tulip Orange has 11 towers with 512 flats. In B6 tower, where the fire broke out, there are nine floors. The rest of the towers have 11 floors. “We will hold a meeting with some fire extinguisher companies on Saturday to find out other measures that can be adopted. Every month, we will have a fire drill so that residents know how to use fire equipment,” said Nair.

    The management of the housing society has assured full support to the RWA to ensure that fire safety measures are in place in the society. Ashwani Yadav, facility manager, Tulip maintenance facility, said, “We will carry out all necessary measures under the guidance of the RWA.”