Hi All,

I am looking for 3BHK flat in Tulip Orange by Tulip group coming up in 69-70 sector, Gurgaon.

Detailed can be found at http://tuliporange.in

Can you please help me with below -

1. History of Tulip Group
2. Possession of flat
3. location and price (worth or not)
4. pros and cons based on your experience
5. any other advice?

Really appreciate your help here!

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  • 1. History of Tulip Group: Tulip Petals still under construction
    2. Possession of flat: On time
    3. location and price (worth or not): OK
    4. pros and cons based on your experience:
    a)The builder's are not sure about the plan. They will not show you actual design where exactly they are planning to build.
    b) The design has bathroom door adjacent to kitchen door.
    5. any other advice?:
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