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Cons of buying a South facing plot


Cons of buying a South facing plot

Last updated: October 19 2020
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    Re : Cons of buying a South facing plot

    Originally posted by ggnguy View Post
    HI Friends,

    I am about to finalize a plot on Sohna Road. But only issue is that it is south facing.

    It is for investment purpose only. Either sell it this plot or such or will start constructing floor on plot and then sell.
    Most of my relatives and friends are telling that east and north facing are good and don't go for south.

    can you give some opinion on this?
    All this vaastu where created based on climatic condition of the region, slope of the land, profession of the person. First of all, do not live in fear, people take advantage of fear to make money, is is he god to create your destiny. Ask him about his destiny he will not be able to say anything.

    I had finanlized to buy a plot in good location, but the developer had only south facing plot, I went ahead and registered, since i was not inclined to Vaastu.

    I had a friend of mine, their family was keen to buy East /North facing plot, they told we do not want south facing plot. they purchased in a different location paying a premium for east facing plot after consulting with astrologer.

    It has been 5 years now, I have planned to go ahead to construct my House. However my Friend's plot where he purchased in another layout when into litigation, he now has to wait for years to get out of it, not sure when he can build. so called Vaastu consultant made money, but he could not predict whether the land could go into litigation.

    First ensure the property you buy has clear title and free from encumbramce rather than Vaastu of the plot. You can get the same plot corrected by so called Vaastu consutlant by paying money. Once you pay money , he will even say that graveyard is best place to build house.

    Bottom line "Believe in Yourself "


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      Re : Cons of buying a South facing plot

      PROS: You might might get the deal at cheaper price

      CONS: Your friends and family who believe in VAASTU will always taunt you lifetime, they will always curse the plot / apartment if any small or big bad incident will happen to you or your family because they will link everything with south facing.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?