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I am a newbie in Gurgaon's real estate living in UK for quite some time.I want to invest some money in India as returns on savings etc in UK is negligible because of recession and credit crunch all across Europe including UK.
Now, i have two options.
1) Putting my money in NRE FD account and earn handsome 8.5 - 8.75% per annum return gauranteed and compleltly tax free. It's also fully repatriable back to UK if required.As the Indian rupee is weak, i can definitly get higher rate while remiting money to India and when things improve i may get good rate while converting back to pounds.
2) Investing in Gurgaon real estate. I am reading this forum while quite many days and heard lot of good and horror stories as well. Not all the builders are good and at many places, builders have left customers in middle of nowhere.
So it does have lot of risks . Considering the situation of mine, i request all of you to provide your valuable inputs to finalize on my future steps.

So far, i have only heard good things about builder IREO. Even reputed senior members like Mr Manoj etc seems quite keen to invest in their new and upcoming project in Sec 67a. I am bit confused why there is so much hype about IREO when it has not delivered a single project to End user till date. But still, people are like crazy while dealing with IREO at whatever cost the builder is asking...

Please provide as much inputs as possible to enable me to take a wiser decision. I can hold for a time frame of 3-4 yrs but has no intention of living there. So dont consider me as end user at all.

Best regards
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